Getting to Know the Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization isn’t new. It first gained attention in the 2000s; however, the technology itself dates back to the 1960s. This was when IBM was working to increase computer efficiency using time-sharing.

Time-sharing is the process of sharing computing resources. This is what created the foundation for virtualization as it is known and used today. Virtualization takes resources from one computer and divides them into several virtual machines.

Today, though, virtualization has evolved through the years and now offers more than ever before. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of virtualization and why it has become so helpful to businesses and organizations today.

Reduced IT Costs

If you are working with a non-virtualized environment, it may be inefficient. That’s because if you aren’t using the application on the server, the computer remains idle and can’t be used for any other application. When you introduce a virtualized environment, the single server will be transformed into an array of virtual machines. At this point, each of the virtual machines created can use different operating systems and run unique applications. All this is done while remaining on a single physical server.

When you consolidate your applications into a virtualized environment, you can consume fewer physical servers, which means you can also reduce your costs.

Reduced Downtime

When you decide to implement virtualization in your organization, you have a fast and effective process that helps reduce downtime. Since these environments provide for cloning, the replica created can be used in just a few minutes, rather than the hours, or longer, that it usually takes to implement and set up a new resource.

With virtualization in place, it also helps to reduce potential downtime because during disaster recovery. Rather than having to clean, repair, or replace an infected or damaged computer, you can build an all-new instance and recover the contents from your backup solution.

Increased Eco-Friendliness

When you reduce the total number of servers your organization uses, it is going to result in a reduction in the total amount of power consumed. Two main green benefits are offered.

These include:

  1. It helps reduce expenses for businesses and allows this money to be used for other business matters.
  2. Reduces the data center’s carbon footprint.

Increased Productivity

When you invest in virtualization, your IT team doesn’t have to worry about scrubbing malware from the machines being used, replace hardware, or try to troubleshoot serious issues. With virtualization, it lets your team easily and quickly clone and deploy new resources without struggling with recovery or repairs that may waste your employee’s time that they could be spending on more business-critical projects. While the physical resources these virtual machines are found on require some maintenance, it is greatly reduced.

Is Virtualization Right for Your Business?

While virtualization may not be the best solution for every business, it has a lot of benefits to offer. Keeping this in mind is going to help you figure out if you should implement it or not.

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