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When you are ready to outsource IT support to a third-party company, it’s easy to focus on the costs of the services and, sometimes, the reputation of the supplier. However, you also need to understand what support the company is providing and the obligations they have. All this should be outlined in the contract you sign.

What is the IT Support Contract?

This contract is an agreement between two parties – one that provides managed IT services and one that pays for these services. When you contract IT support, it means you hire an outside service provider to ensure the tech-aspects of your business keep running without issue or mishap. It also states that if problems do occur, they will be dealt with in a timely manner.

If you continue to operate your business without IT support, you may waste your money, time, and resources attempting to fix tech-problems alone.

What is Included in Your IT Support Contract?

While the details will vary from one company and one contract to another, some of the things covered in it include:

  • What is covered: This section details the services, software, and hardware maintained by your IT support provider.
  • Exclusions: What scenarios or technology aren’t covered in the contract. For example, if your employee spills coffee on a newly installed hard drive, if unauthorized modifications are made, or instances of natural disasters may not be covered. While you can still receive help with these issues, you may have to pay extra for this help.
  • Activities covered: This details the work the support provider will do to maintain your technology. Some of the things include are tech support, software updates, backup system testing, checking security software, and more.
  • Contract tiers: Most IT support companies offer a tiered system for their service. The contract you receive should outline the system used by the company you have hired.

What Does the Contract Require from You?

When you are reading the IT support contract, you need to understand you have specific responsibilities, too, to uphold the contract on your end. Some of these include:

  • Paying on time
  • Fixing problems before relying on the contract
  • Meeting the minimum-security standards
  • Getting approval for system changes
  • Having a designated IT person on staff

These things vary from one provider to another, but these are some of the responsibilities the company may require from you.

Getting the Right IT Contract for You

Since there are so many IT contract options to consider, getting one that meets your needs may seem like a daunting task. However, when you work with a reputable service provider, you will find the process of getting the right contract isn’t as challenging as it may seem. They can help you evaluate your business needs and determine your goals for growth. With this information, you can get a contract that addresses your business needs now and what they will be in the future. This is invaluable information that ensures you get the service you need for your business to succeed.

If you are ready to seek IT services for your business, The Purple Guys can help! Call and set up an appointment for us to come in. Together, we can assess your situation and talk about your needs.

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