FindTime; An Easier Way to Schedule Meetings

The way we meet has evolved over the years. We are no longer limited to congregating in one physical space. We can now share ideas and discuss topics with people all over the world in real-time. While the technology we use to meet has advanced, the headache of coordinating a time to meet has remained a logistical nightmare.

While Outlook or Google calendars may make scheduling a bit less painful, you rely on the information showing you the whole picture. If your attendees have dynamic schedules, a calendar rarely conveys a true look into how their day may play out. A more specialized tool for scheduling may be necessary to get those with erratic agendas in the same place at the same time.

For those readers using Outlook, you are in luck. FindTime is a free to use add-in for Microsoft Outlook that assists in determining the best time for a meeting. FindTime will survey invitees and use the responses to establish individual preferences and then rank the most agreeable time to meet. After the invitees agree on a time, FindTime sets the meeting and sends out invitations automatically. Eliminating the time wasted with back and forth emails for those involved.

FindTime can be found in the Microsoft Office Store, for free. Or you can click here to install this handy add-in. Your time is valuable and FindTime is here to give you some of your precious time back.

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