What is an Email Security Suite?

Email is the leading vector that cybercriminals target when launching an attack on an organization. This is primarily because humans make mistakes. When it comes to email, a click or response to a message from the CEO or a familiar vendor is all that is required to put your business at risk. An Email Security Suite can help your organization protect employees, customer data, intellectual property, and your reputation.

An Email Security Suite can provide comprehensive security tools that mitigate risks and improve the cyber-resiliency of your business at an affordable price point. The right Email Security Suite can protect your organization from email threats such as malware-infected attachments, malicious links, impersonation attacks and a countless list of other social engineering based attacks. With the sheer number of email-based attacks that are sent daily, adding an Email Security Suite to your business can shield you from many of these threats. Consider these key benefits:

Protection against an ever-changing threat landscape

  • The bad actors are constantly changing the way they deliver these attacks. An Emails Security Suite will constantly update, keeping you in pace with the continual evolution of email threats.

Spam protection

  • Spam continues to be a daily annoyance, cluttering inboxes and impacting servers. It’s also the source of many of the most dangerous security threats facing your organization. Anti-spam software uses sophisticated detection engines and advanced threat intelligence to identify spam and email threats, blocking them before they reach your email system.

Data Leakage

  • An Email Security Suite can protect against accidental as well as purposeful data leakage by scanning outgoing messages for words, patterns, and images that could contain sensitive or private data.

Attachment Sandboxing

  • Email attachments can be opened in an isolated virtual environment and scanned for any threats. If no threats are found, the email is passed to the user. If a threat is found, the email never makes it to the recipient’s inbox. Preventing human error from coming into the equation.

Cloud-Based Platforms

  • Most Email Security Suites are cloud-based. This traditionally leads to reducing the complexity of the solution as well as the cost.

A comprehensive Email Security Suite is a necessity to deliver effective and robust email protection. A multi-faceted approach can protect email infrastructure, critical business data and systems, as well as the reputation of your employees and business. If you are interested in implementing an Email Security Suite in your environment, you contact us here or give us a call at 816-222-1100.

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