Email Security: Best Practices for Employees

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Keeping your computer system safe from viruses and cyberattacks is a full-time job. It seems as soon as you install a safety measure, hackers have already worked their way around it.

Email is one of the easier and most common ways phishing scams get into your system. These phishing scams are very sophisticated and it isn’t any one person’s fault. But, there are some security steps employees should follow.

Safeguards Against Email Phishing

It can be very difficult for people to recognize a scam email, and that is the whole point. It is why they are so effective. It’s very important to have protocols set up and that everyone be aware of them and follow them.


Password security is something that needs to be taken seriously. Thankfully, most systems won’t let you use your cat’s name or your birthday anymore. They require very specific sets of numbers, letters, capitals, and even symbols in order to make them harder to decode.

It is also a good idea to change your passwords fairly regularly. That will help prevent the scanning systems hackers run with multiple combinations trying to hack in.

Set up a two-tier security system. The password and then another or a code that can be generated at the time, or something prearranged.

Don’t share it with anyone and don’t let anyone at work sign in on your computer.

Don’t write it on a sticky note and leave it on your desk or stuck to your daytimer.

Mind that someone isn’t watching you type it in.

Sign out when you leave your work area, even if it is just for a minute or two.

Don’t Access Other Sites

Don’t use your work email to sign in to other accounts, like social media, shopping sites, or sending messages. Also, don’t sign in to your worksite from a public computer or wifi.

Even if you are using your personal email to sign in to other sites, don’t do it from your work computer. Shopping sites, social media, any site you regularly visit can still attach a virus or malware to your computer.

Don’t Click Attachments or Links

Sometimes, an email offering a discount or something for free can look innocent enough, but they are not. That’s why phishing emails work as well as they do. These links will look like a familiar site, like your bank or other financial sites.

As soon as you click on and enter your email and password, the phishing site steals it and it is sent to the hacker. This can be very bad news for the individual and the entire organization.

These types of malware and phishing emails are hard to recognize. Never open an attachment without scanning it first. It’s unusual for banks or other sites that have high security themselves to want you to verify your account or send documents through your email.

Don’t use Business Email For Personal Use

Avoid using your work computer and email for even a quick message. If you need to contact your babysitter or spouse, use your own personal device. Even signing out of your work email and signing in with your personal address opens up the chances of getting malware and attracting the attention of hackers.

Take Precautions

Whether you have two employees or twenty-two, your computer system needs high security. All emails coming in and going out need to be scanned and secure.

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