Do You Know What To Do if Your Business Caught a Ransomware Virus Today?

Let’s talk about your business data (financial, business, operations, employee, and customer data + intellectual property, etc.). What would happen to your business if one of your employees caught a ransomware virus and not only they but your entire company became locked out of all of your data today, halting all business operations?

How much downtime, frustration, and financial burden would that cost your company? On average, small businesses lose around $8,500 per hour when down due to a ransomware attack (Source: Datto). However, there are several ways to avoid a cybersecurity attack to your business.

One way out of this situation is having your data backed up – aka what we also call a cybersecurity insurance policy. There are actual cybersecurity insurance policies required for companies such as ones in the medical field that serve patients and you would very well know if this is a requirement for your business. You can also create your own “cybersecurity insurance policy” in the form of an outstanding backup solution.

That’s great, you think! However, there are right ways to back up your data and there are wrong, ineffective, inefficient ways that many business owners handle their backups. You truly don’t understand the value of a comprehensive backup until you experience the need to use one to restore your data. How do you know the system you have is going to save you from business downtime in a moment of security breach or data-loss and disaster crisis?

In addition to offering a Free Cybersecurity Assessment and our Simple Security Guide, we’ve also compiled a great library of resources for business owners who are unsure how safe their business data is – check them out here. You’ll find plenty of tips on the best form of backups and how to manage your technology or IT Support provider.

Want to learn more about how to ensure your business data is safe and properly backed up. You’re in luck, we’re here to help.

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