Did You Know The Purple Guys Have an IT Super Hero On Staff?

Actually, we like to think our entire team is made up of superheroes. Aside from most being parents and appearing to seamlessly juggle work and life like an expert, we have the most expert IT Support people who can not only resolve the most technical challenges but are some of the nicest, most customer-oriented kind (a combination rarely seen on professional personality surveys).

Not only that, but they’re also super talented too! Some can build arcade games from scratch, several are entrepreneurs, one developed an award-winning barbeque sauce and another is a PGA golf pro, a few run marathons or intense trails, and even our President can juggle competitively. We see them all as superheroes but for one of our friendly IT Support faces, she deserves great honor and we’re so happy our local community, St. Louis, agrees!

As seen in The St. Louis Small Business Monthly, Susan Berry was given the 2019 Wonder Woman title!

Susan Berry firmly believes her God-given gift is service, a trait The Purple Guys proactively searches for to find when recruiting new top talent, and that is very hard to find. With Susan, or as her team members call her, “Susie”, calling it a trait is an understatement. It is who she is and why so many of our team members and customers love her so much.

When a recruiter called her one afternoon with an offer to work as a Systems Administrator with The Purple Guys, a local IT Support firm in St. Louis, she soon realized that opportunity provided her with the perfect setting for her gift. 

In her role at The Purple Guys, Berry handles clients’ IT and technology issues. She also onboard new customers, which means she is the first technology professional from the company to greet and serve new customers. 

“The Purple Guys is a perfect company for me because I have a lot of interaction with people. I’m’ able to use my customer service skills to make a difference in the lives of others. If I can just brighten one individual’s day, I feel like I’ve done something good. I take pride in not only fixing their computer issues but being someone that brightens their day.” – Susie

“Susie influences everyone in such a positive manner,” said Stacey Dixon, the Head of Marketing for The Purple Guys. “She is always an influential go-getter, a ray of sunshine, always willing to volunteer, engage and encourage our team, and our customers love her so much. She supports and lifts those she cares about up with her.”

A positive, “glass-half-full” attitude has always been part of Berry’s personality. In fact, at a previous job when a fellow colleague never smiled, Berry took it upon herself to make her smile. It took her two years, but the colleague not only smiled but also gave Berry a hug. 

Berry inspires her colleagues not just with her positive attitude and service skills but with her character too. For the past year, she has battled stage 1 breast cancer. Diagnosed last March, she’s since undergone tests, surgeries, and procedures. At the same time, she’s continued to offer positive, one-of-a-kind service to her customers. 

“This was my battle,” she said. “Even though I was going through it at that time, I still wanted to be people’s sunshine because I don’t know what they are going through in their livers. IT was found early, and I feel very blessed in that sense. I want to talk about it because I want to encourage more people to get their mammograms and screenings done. I am a true example of early detection.”

Berry is excited about her future. “I feel like this (The Purple Guys) is where I am meant to be,” she said. “This is where I can serve customers and make their lives happier.”

Your team couldn’t agree more, Susie. We’re so blessed to have you. From all of us at The Purple Guys IT Support, from our local offices in Kansas City to St. Louis, we’re honored you’ve chosen our team to partner with to make your community a better place to work, live, grow and thrive. Without you, we wouldn’t be the same and we are so lucky to have you as an IT expert serving and sending our customers smiles each and every day!

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