The Dangers of Not Implementing an IT Support Plan

IT support plan

So, what do you feel are the dangers of not implementing an IT support plan? The short answer is that you could be putting yourself in a horrible position, and one that may endanger your entire business.

Now, that is a scary thought, but it’s a reality that has been faced by so many companies over the years. Thinking you are not a target for being hacked or having data stolen is wrong. You never know when bad actors are going to strike, and anybody is at risk.

An Example of What Can Happen Without an IT Support Plan

Let’s look at a quick example as to what could happen to a business if it fails to have an appropriate IT support plan in place.

A company storing data, via a PC connected to the Internet, failed to notice malware having been installed on a solitary PC. That malware sat on the PC undetected for some time, and it was content to sit there until the right time to strike. At that moment, the malware alerted the bad actors who then encrypted all of the data for the company.

This led to a ransom being asked in order to regain access to the data.

Ransomware is a huge deal, but few companies pay the ransom. If they do, then a multitude of checks need to be carried out to make sure the data is still in the condition that the company would expect. Has there been any changes to the details? Can any additional leaks be found for the data?

Finding yourself in this sort of predicament is horrible, but it needn’t be like that.

An IT Support Plan Prevents Problems

You see, the idea of having an adequate IT support plan is that systems are checked on a regular basis to prevent issues such as the one mentioned above from occurring. It’s all about paying attention to what is going on, and identifying potential problems at the earliest opportunity.

Merely believing that nobody would be interested in what you are doing is wrong. If the bad guys can see a way to potentially extract money from you, then they will do it. They won’t sit there assessing your number of employees or anything of the sort. They simply want to get your data and then force you into paying cash to gain access to it once more.

This Plan Saves You Money

An IT plan is going to save your company not only money, but also stress and wasted time. The problem is that dealing with some sort of issue can result in your entire company grinding to a halt. Using the example above, how could you ever hope to carry on with what you are supposed to be doing if your entire data is locked away and systems shut down?

The money a company can lose by being locked out of their systems even for a few hours can be astronomical. It can even spell the end for some companies, unless they have adequate protection from these types of matters.

Can your company cope with all of that hassle and problems? Chances are that even if you do, it will cause so many problems that the fallout from it is going to carry on for some time.

By working with a company to provide an IT support plan via managed IT services, you will be in the best position possible to react to these sorts of issues before they wreck havoc. It makes sense on so many levels, unlike the idea of not having this type of plan in place as that is tantamount to insanity.

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