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Do you know how your staff would respond if they were the target of a cyberattack? Enter our Cybersecurity Awareness Giveaway to find out! We will asses your risks and train your employees to protect your organization.


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We all know that cyberattacks and phishing attempts are a real threat to your organization. But few have time to research what exactly the risks are or what can be done to mitigate them. Employees are the #1 cause of data breaches, making them your company’s weakest security link. This cybersecurity awareness package will help you determine how vulnerable your employees are to these threats and educate them to reduce your risk and improve your cybersecurity posture.


This Package Includes:

Phishing Simulation

Over a 1 month period, your staff will receive customized simulated phishing emails to test their awareness of phishing emails and other social engineering attacks. These emails will serve as a benchmark of your current risk level and cybersecurity posture. A full report of each simulation will be provided, indicating which of your employees are most susceptible.


Phishing Education

Those employees who are “phished” during the simulations will be automatically directed to additional training material to reinforce inbox best practices. This additional education will cover the importance of cybersecurity, tips to avoid real phishing attempts and impart accountability to protect their company’s data.


Cybersecurity Training

Your organization will also receive a 1 hour live custom training session. This session will cover cybersecurity best practices for employees, securing your business network and assets and how to respond to a data breach. This session can be hosted in person by the winner or presented as a webinar.


Dark Web Monitoring

Your organization will also receive 1 month of Dark Web monitoring. When account passwords are stolen, they often are put up for sale on the Dark Web. They are then purchased by cybercriminals to access your data and systems. We will actively monitor the Dark Web for any accounts and passwords that belong to your company and alert you if any are found. Mitigating a breach before it can start.




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