Is the cloud right for your business?

Small businesses are now, more than ever, adopting cloud services and ditching their on-site file servers. Major factors leading to this adoption are increased security, simplified remote access and a cut to operating costs. And those that have made the change in recent months are currently experiencing far fewer interruptions and less downtime as this cloud-based solution makes it simple to work from the office, your home or anywhere in between.

As business evolves to a more mobile model, simple and secure remote access is critical.  You and your employees need to be able to access files from anywhere and on a variety of devices.  The right hosted sharing platform can deliver ease of access from your computer, cell phone, iPad or almost any other smart device. If you have access to the internet, then you have secure access to your files exactly as you do at the office.

There are many options for moving your files to the cloud, but they are not all equal. Here are a few things to look out for when reviewing your options:

  • Collaboration is key to success, make sure your cloud hosted platform can easily share files with both internal and external sources.

  • Ensure that your choice can deliver comprehensive data security using encryption during access and transit. This will defend against ransomware and other cyber threats.

  • Make sure that their encryption meets all global regulation standards including; PCI, HIPPA and SEC.

  • The top tier cloud providers often boast high uptimes, some in the 99% range. Make sure your choice provides a similar assurance.

  • Scalability is much easier with a cloud hosted solution. Be sure that the platform you choose can scale with your business needs.

With our customers, it is common to discuss the benefits of cloud hosting whenever it’s time to add or upgrade local servers or network resources.  When we compare the cost and ROI of building and maintaining local infrastructure to cloud services…the value often becomes obvious.  Hardware, software, warranties, support, power, climate, size and scaled changes, are just some of the cost factors that can be replaced by a monthly per user subscription fee. If you want to learn more about our recommendations for cloud hosted file sharing platforms or would like to implement a solution in your environment, reach out to us here or give us a call at 816-222-1100.

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