Cloud Continuity for PCs

Without getting too technical, Cloud Continuity for PCs is an image-based backup and disaster recovery solution for individual computers. The entire device is backed up to a secure cloud without any need for an onsite appliance or server. This means that your PC can be completely recovered in case of a disaster.

To be even less technical, in the event of a lost or stolen PC, ransomware attack, or other disasters, you can quickly and easily get back up and running exactly as you were before. All your settings, all your bookmarks, all your pictures. Every file. Even on a brand-new machine.

Unlike traditional file backups, Cloud Continuity is image-based. It “takes a picture” of your device and provides a complete backup, including your configuration, settings and all applications as well as all your data. Backup is direct from your device to the cloud, taken every 2 hours. Significantly lessening the time to recover and the amount of data loss.

Typically, general employees keep critical business data stored on a company server that is being backed up. However, it’s not uncommon for small business owners, partners and managers to have important and confidential data locally on their machines. As a business owner, what would you do if your computer was lost, stolen or destroyed? How difficult would it be for you to restore everything? Cloud Continuity regularly backups up all data on the target PC regardless of whether the machine is in or out of the office. This data can then be easily and completely restored in case the device is compromised.

While normal headaches like application updates gone bad can be a serious inconvenience, a brush with Ransomware is much worse with a higher total cost of recovery in time and money. With Cloud Continuity, you can roll back your machine to a recovery point from before the attack, effectively restoring the data and removing the threat. No extra fees, minimal loss of productivity and significant time savings.  

Cloud Continuity for PCs is simple to implement, reliable and affordable. To find out how Cloud Continuity will fit into your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy, give us a call or click here to get started today.

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