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When it is time to take steps to protect your network and your business, you must consider what IT services provider is right for your business. This question is one that takes more thought than you may think. If you aren’t careful, you may hire a service provider that is unable to grow or scale with your business, which will leave you vulnerable and at-risk.

What Is IT Support?

IT support is a broad term that means different things to different people. From installing physical cabling in your walls to Wi-Fi in the office to security and data backup, IT support encompasses many things. IT also means who you call when your PC is slow, you can’t print or you lost your password. All these things are classified under the broad umbrella of “IT support.”

To figure out the right type of IT services provider your business needs, you must determine your most common issues and pain points. By determining this, you can figure out what company can best meet your needs.

The 3 Core components of IT Support

There are three core components of IT support. These include things that most businesses will need at some point, regardless of size or industry. They include:

1. Help Desk

The help desk is something that anyone who works on a computer or through a network has needed at some point. This is an always-available service connected to the professionals to answer any type of tech-related question that may pop-up.

2. Infrastructure Maintenance

Another core component of IT support is infrastructure maintenance. This layer of IT support is the one that deals with the maintenance and monitoring of what’s going on with your network. This includes things like updates, anti-virus software, core operating system updates, monitoring and maintaining system backups, security and more.

What if my core operations are in the cloud? While the physical infrastructure may no longer be inside your four walls, there is still infrastructure to maintain. Some cloud providers build this into their pricing and others require you to maintain the environment you are renting from them. Understanding any gaps is key to making sure all systems and network components are being constantly monitored and managed.

3. Technical Planning & Vendor Coordination

The third core component of IT support deals with having a strategic partner who can help you plan for the future as your needs and industry grow and change as well as work with the various other technical vendors needed to support your day to day operations. An ideal service provider can handle all the sides and facets of tech-options that a business may have. This includes budgeting and planning as well as interfacing with your copiers, phone systems, internet connections, software vendors, and more. A full-service IT support provider is going to be a liaison for all tech-entities in a business while providing solutions and help to ensure all elements continue to work seamlessly.

Internal vs. Outsourced Support?

Another important component of finding the right IT services provider is if you will hire someone to handle this internally, or if you will use the services of an outsourced company.

For some business owners, they may go through several options before seeking the help of the pros. For example, they may attempt to handle the problem on their own by “Googling” it or reach out to a friend who has tech experience. They may also put the issue in the hands of an individual who is currently on the team and wearing the unofficial “tech” hat part-time.

Unfortunately, these solutions may not be able to solve the problem, and even worse, they could complicate it further.

Another potential option is to hire a small, one or two-person IT service provider. While they may be able to help with small-scale problems for startup companies, what happens when you grow? If they can’t grow and scale with you, more tech issues will arise.

By finding and hiring an outsourced IT solution provider with scaling power, you can feel confident your business and network is protected and that it will remain issue-free in the foreseeable future, even as your company grows.

What IT Solutions Are Right for Your Company?

It’s up to you to figure out the solutions you need; however, hiring an established outsource IT service provider will ensure you have the protection needed and that as your company grows, the services will scale, as well. This offers the best way for you to keep your business protected and your people supported to be the most productive and protected from potential tech threats.

If you are ready to seek IT services for your business, The Purple Guys can help! Call and set up an appointment for us to come in. Together, we can access your situation and talk about your needs.

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