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How Do I Check for Malware?
Image via Flickr by Christiaan Colen | CC BY 2.0 Malware is one of the most common threats to the security of your computer or ...
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The Hidden Expenses of Small Business IT
Every small business owner knows the common costs associated with their technology and infrastructure. The predictable and easily quantified costs such as internet service, software ...
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Dark Web
The Dark Web And What You Should Know
What is the Dark Web? The cybercrime landscape is evolving fast. The “Nigerian” email scams are now old. Cybercriminals are smarter and organized – almost ...
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Managed IT
Managed IT Services
4 Ways a Managed IT Consultant Benefits Your Business
Whether it’s as simple as sending emails or as complex as using artificial intelligence (AI) to find hidden data in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ...
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Office Life
What Internet Explorer 11 End Of Life Means For Small Businesses
The desktop application Internet Explorer 11, aka IE 11, will reach its “end of life” on June 15, 2022. This means that Internet Explorer 11 ...
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The Complete Cloud™
Cloud Service Level Agreement for Office Managers and Why It Matters
Use these pro tips to find a Cloud service level agreement (SLA) that will keep your dental practice, computer network, images, storage, hosting, and performance, ...
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3 Ways To Handle Ransomware, But Only 1 Works
Malware, spyware, worms and bots. Lions, and tigers and bears. So many different things that can attack your computer, steal your data, and wreck your ...
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IT Support
How Secure Is Your Data When An Employee Leaves?
When someone new joins your organization, how do you manage their onboarding? Chances are, you already have processes in place for everything. The employee paperwork ...
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Technology Terms, Simplified. Part II –
Just like technology itself, technology terminology is always changing. So, we made a list of the tech terms and acronyms we think business owners, administrators, ...
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The Purple Guys Announces Acquisition of Accelerate
Acquisition builds upon The Purple Guys’ recent growth and strengthens the company’s position as a market-leading IT managed services provider in the Central U.S.  SHREVEPORT, ...
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dark web
What is the Dark Web? What Do I Do If My Info is on the Dark Web?
The Dark Web is not dissimilar to the regular internet that you are accustomed to using daily. The major difference is that it is only ...
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IT Support
5 IT Red Flags To Watch Out For
As someone running a SMB, you probably have a lot on your plate. You are the core decision maker, responsible for growing your business and ...
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