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If you’re hoping to expand your knowledge of the tech industry, you may not fare well by sticking to what you’ve always done. Luckily, there are several big tech conferences in Indiana that can expose your business to new ideas and methods. Consider broadening your horizons by visiting one of the following tech conferences happening in Indiana this year.

NEFF Demo Expo

The NEFF Demo Expo has several dates planned this year, and you can find two exhibitions in Indiana in early May. The leaders of this expo hope to give attendees a competitive edge with various productivity conversations, presentations, and interactive demos. Industry experts will guide attendees through various demonstrations of motion control solutions, process improvement solutions, and the implementation of industrial robot programming tools.

One of the exhibitions we’re looking forward to most is the one on collaborative robots. This session is meant to help companies optimize their workflows through autonomous and collaborative mobile robots. During this demonstration, you can discover how companies are using these resources and how they can impact your business’s processes.

NEFF Demo Expo has partnered with some of the biggest names in manufacturing to put on high-quality presentations. The group will be in Jeffersonville and Indianapolis, so you can make a point to visit at least one of the dates this year. If you’re feeling extra studious, you can attend both dates so that you can visit tables or view presentations that you might’ve not gotten the time to witness during your first visit.

Here at Golden Tech, we respect all that NEFF Demo Expo plans to do for its attendees. We’re committed to helping businesses increase efficiency no matter the industry they’re in, whether that be the healthcare industry or the financial sector. Be sure to contact us today for comprehensive IT services so that you can maintain and improve your company’s technological systems and processes.

2022 Mira Awards

The 2022 Mira Awards will take place in late April in downtown Indianapolis. This award ceremony highlights tech professionals and individuals who’ve made academic contributions to the tech industry. This glamorous ceremony is like a tech conference in disguise because you get to learn all about the amazing accomplishments that tech leaders have achieved in Indiana. Attendees can participate in networking to attract new customers, increase sales, improve brand awareness, and draw the attention of media outlets.

With each award, you’ll hear about the recipient’s accomplishments and how they’ve positively contributed to the tech landscape in Indiana. Some categories in the running for this year include Startup of the Year, Rising Entrepreneur, Tech Product of the Year, and Service Partner of the Year. While there are plenty of ceremonies to celebrate the accomplishments of global companies and entrepreneurs, the 2022 Mira Awards is a great opportunity to reflect on the local contributions within our own home state.

CircleCityCon 9.0

CircleCityCon 9.0 is a tech conference for ethical hackers and IT professionals. It’s going to occur in early July at the Westin in downtown Indianapolis, so you know that’ll be an elegant event with plenty of room to mingle and network. CircleCityCon 9.0 allows anyone the chance to conduct trainings and presentations, so feel free to submit your ideas. If you prefer to be a participant rather than a host, there will be plenty of activities for you to explore.

Some of the topics that you can explore that weekend include hardware hacking, lock picking, bio-hacking, quantum computing, and HAM radio technology. The conference will also host friendly competitions that you can engage in with fellow attendees. CircleCityCon 9.0 is a great opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the tech industry so that you can improve efficiency and security within your business.

If you’re searching for additional ways to safeguard your company from outside threats, be sure to get in touch with our team at Golden Tech. We provide comprehensive IT services so that you can focus on other aspects of innovation within your industry.


FutureCon is a cybersecurity conference that’s going to occur in late July in Lawrence, Indiana. The main point of this conference is to educate attendees about the growing threat of cybersecurity and to teach them that it’s no longer just an IT problem. This conference will help expand your perspective and understand all that goes into addressing the very real threat of cybersecurity.

FutureCon invites some of the world’s top professionals in cybersecurity to lead informative training sessions and deliver powerful presentations. You’ll gain valuable insight into the realm of information security. One of the highlights of this conference will likely be the discussions with the C-level executives who plan to attend. A knowledgeable spokesperson will lead a panel with these C-level executives, and audience members will get the chance to ask any questions they have regarding information security. Upon leaving, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create and lead an organization that’s resistant to cybersecurity threats.

OVGTSL Conference

The OVGTSL Conference is making its way to Bloomington, Indiana, in early May 2022. In-person attendees will gather at the Indiana Memorial Union and have the chance to attend one of three concurrent sessions. There will also be virtual attendees who can similarly attend one of the same events through the conference’s Zoom meetings. While virtual attendance is satisfactory, we recommend making your way to Bloomington so that you can truly connect with the attendees and hosts. During your time here, you can stay at Biddle Hotel for a more immersive experience.

The OVGTSL Conference will cover various technical services and how businesses can use them to streamline their processes. After the events are over, they’ll be available for viewing online. This way, you can witness the events that you didn’t see. You may also rewatch the one you did attend and further study the valuable information that the hosts provided.

Do you have any experiences at past tech conferences that you’d like to share? Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives today. We love chatting about all things tech-related, so we can’t wait to hear from you.

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