6 Questions to Ask Your IT Support Company

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The well-being of your computer system is paramount in the security and function of your organization. That’s why who you choose to look after it is vital. Capability is key, certainly, but what it really needs to come down to is trust. Your entire system needs to depend on this IT support company and you need to know you and the company are protected.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask when looking for a new IT company.

6 Questions To Ask Your IT Support Company

Your IT support does more than keep your system running and safe. They are also going to affect the productivity of your employees and the workload.

What Types of Companies do You Service?

A certain IT company may have a wide range of clients or they may specialize in one particular area. Who they are accustomed to dealing with will matter. If they usually work with large corporations and you are only a team of 5, then they may not work out. Plus, if you provide a specific product and they usually work in healthcare, you should find someone with knowledge of how you work and your needs.

How Much Will it Cost?

Of course, you have to ask. If you have a very limited budget and you require ongoing service, you need to know that the IT company you choose can do it within your budget.

How Do You Handle Requests?

This is also important. You and your team need to know how you are meant to get ahold of them for services and support. Make sure you are both in agreement with that.

Are they really busy? How long should you expect to typically wait for them to respond to the request and then how soon will they be able to assess and rectify the problem?


What measures do they have in place and what training solutions do they offer.. It is vital you know about what methods or products they use to make sure your entire system is secure against hackers.

Will You Make an Assessment of our Existing System?

If you have a newer system or are switching IT companies, they should be happy to provide an overall exam of your system. That way, everyone knows what is going on regarding function, outdated aspects, and security concerns.

Do You Make Emergency Calls?

It would be ideal if your problems all happened on Tuesday afternoon when no one really had much going on. However, reality will prove that things will go wrong when you are least prepared. Ask if they work after hours.

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