5 Ways Small Businesses Can Avoid Data Loss

Small business owners know that protecting data is essential. Business data is one of the most valuable resources and should be protected as such. Data loss is becoming more common and can be the result of several factors:

Cyberattacks like Ransomware and Phishing
Insider Threats
Accidental Deletion
Natural Disasters

In order to mitigate data loss, here are 5 simple ways to keep your organization’s data safe:

Find an Expert –

Would you preform your own surgery? Or represent yourself in court? If you are not a doctor or lawyer, the answer is probably no. So why wouldn’t you hire a cybersecurity expert to protect your data? The Purple Guys knows the threats facing small businesses and has the tools and experience to protect your organization. As cybersecurity experts, we not only defend against today’s threat landscape, but also stay on the leading edge of the industry in order to mitigate new threats as they emerge.

Stay Up To Date –

Patching is the practice of filling the holes found in information systems after they have been released to the public. Patches & updates are used to eliminate bugs and fix vulnerabilities found in current operating systems, software, firewalls, hardware and more. Ensuring that your organization is up to date and utilizing patch management is a crucial component to data security.

Train Your Staff –

When you provide an employee access to your systems, typically necessary for them to do their job, you increase your cybersecurity risks. Staff members can compromise data, both maliciously and inadvertently. Your employees need to be aware of their responsibility to protect business data and how they can prevent a breach. Cybersecurity training not only teaches employees how to be more secure, but it also promotes accountability.

Endpoint Detection –

One of the best tools to prevent data loss is Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR. By leveraging artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis, EDR solutions continuously monitor and mitigate the newest, most advanced threats to your business. All at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Backups aren’t enough – You need Business Continuity –

Business continuity is a company’s ability to continue daily operations if impacted by an unexpected incident or disaster that takes down core business systems. A solid BC plan should consist of, at a minimum, hybrid data backups and a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery is strategy that allows an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster. We often see businesses implement one or the other. But unless the two are combined, you do not have an intelligent BC solution. Want more info on business continuity? You can download a free business continuity checklist here.

By implementing these concepts, your business will be prepared to face the threat and the cost of data loss head on. Need help preventing data loss? Reach out to us today and start protecting your organization’s valuable data.

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