How 3D Dental Imaging in the Cloud Enables the Life You Want

If your 3D dental imaging and operations are still outside of the cloud, chances are you’re chained to your workstation, at the office. Sound familiar? If you’re stuck there until you’ve finished viewing every last x-ray you need to preview before seeing your first patient tomorrow, keep reading.

Stress can’t be entirely eliminated from dentistry, or any other workplace that I know of, but it can and should be minimized. Otherwise, it will morph into any of a wide range of problems, including:

  • Low engagement with colleagues, patients, and family
  • Low productivity
  • Illness

Your Current Technology and Stress

Although the advances in dentistry — including 3D dental imaging technology — have been remarkable up to now, stress still plagues dentistry.

Compared to 2D (sounds archaic now, right?) the benefits of 3D imaging are unrivaled: showing greater detail, it enables you to see the patient’s whole mouth. And to see how the teeth align with each other and where they sit in relation to each other.

Yet there’s still an overarching need among dental professionals that hasn’t been met by technology. Until now.

The Holy Grail for 3D Dental Imaging

This one common need is not met by 3D technology alone. Let’s call this new solution the Holy Grail for dental professionals. The one shiny gift under the Christmas tree that would bring so much joy to the lucky recipient.

This common, unmet need is the ability to shorten your hours of work at the office. Unmet, that is, until now. You see, new technology at long last makes it possible to reduce hours of work at the office. The perfect remedy to treat or prevent stress. Let me tell you how.

Better yet, let me show you.

Now, for the first time, The Complete Cloud™ will give you access to your 3D dental imaging from outside your office. Any location. Any device. Provided you have internet connectivity.

You finally get to reclaim your personal time. Even if your work isn’t done for the day, take some time to drive home early and recharge yourself. Then finish your work later from the comfort of your favorite chair at home.

According to a Gallup survey released in February 2017, more and more people are looking for or trying to create opportunities to work remotely. By and large, employees report they have greater engagement at work after they have worked off-premises for awhile. Greater engagement reflects a happier workforce, which leads to higher productivity.

Reconnect with Family

You no longer need to be the last one in the office. Leave with — or before — the rest of your staff. Even if you’re not quite finished for the day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can access all of the records that you need from home.

Do things for yourself that will put you on track to a work/life balance.

This can mean you get to do things with your family, some of which your spouse did alone until now, like:

  • Pick up your kids from school
  • Go to a kid’s activity (ball game, ballet recital, etc.)
  • Get home every single day for dinner with your family
  • Surprise your spouse and cook dinner
  • Take your spouse out for “date night”

Imagine the depth of what this will mean to them. The net benefits of increased family time will go a long way toward getting rid of stress and creating the life you want.

Reconnect with Yourself

This can also mean regularly scheduling time to maintain an exercise routine. A study reported by the Oral Health Group conveys the need for dental professionals to include regular physical activity in their lives.

In the study, The Pankey Institute (Miami) analyzed the health of 2,400 dentists. It found, generally, a common occurrence of DDS (Dormancy, Degeneration, and Stress).

It is a well-known fact that physical exercise of any kind benefits our health. Whether simply walking for 45 minutes a day or doing a 90-minute workout at a local gym, benefits include significant stress reduction.

Break Free with Our Revolutionary 3D Complete Cloud Platform

Now, a ground-breaking 3D technology with The Complete Cloud™ utilizing i-CAT™ Tx STUDIO™ software frees you from your office. This means you can access your 3D dental imaging from anywhere with an internet connection. Here’s another benefit.

Data security increases substantially with cloud migration. But choose your vendor carefully. Before signing an agreement with anyone, find out:

  • If and how they can control your data to ensure maximum security
  • What kind of disaster recovery they provide
  • If their service is scalable
  • How long it will take to learn their new system

“Don’t Confuse Having a Career with Having a Life”

You’ve worked hard for the lifestyle you want (including your profession). But it’s not easy to balance everything. What you need to do for work and what you need to do for your personal life constantly vies for your time. But you can find a balance.

Imagine the joy — your own, your family’s, your friends’, heck even Fido’s — when you’re able to spend time with them while the sun is still up. And not just as a “one off” from time to time.

Contact The Purple Guys today to learn more about our revolutionary platform using i-CAT™ Tx STUDIO™ powered by The Complete Cloud™. We can show you how to set up a work/life balance that works for everyone in your life. All the time. Even Fido’s.


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