Improving Your Cybersecurity Posture; A Resolution That is Easy to Keep

Not everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. And even fewer maintain them. But one resolution that is easy to keep is improving your company’s cybersecurity posture.

Salvus knows that cybersecurity might be a business owner’s or office manager’s least favorite topic. Discussions about security have the tendency to make people feel undereducated and even scared. And rightfully so. Cybersecurity is an incredibly broad topic and it can be overwhelming to even start the conversation. But it doesn’t have to be.

Salvus wants to make the conversation and implementation of cybersecurity as easy as pressing a button. So, take a minute and think about what part of your business needs to be more secure. A few common areas to improve are:

Email Security
Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery
Employee Security Training
Secure Remote Access

Instead of dedicating significant time and resources to making your business more secure than the Pentagon, try focusing on just ONE aspect. Setting 1 or 2 achievable, short term goals will not only help you enhance your overall security, but it will lead to continual improvement. We don’t expect you to dive headfirst into the deep end without first teaching you to swim. As your IT partner, our goal is to ensure the security of your organization. We strive to educate you and your staff to new threats, advancements in technology and best practices to protect your business.

Challenge yourself this year to identify one aspect of cybersecurity in which your business could improve. Then, press this button or give us a call. We will create an action plan to address your area of concern and move your business one step further ahead of the cybercriminals that make cybersecurity so critical. If you are looking for inspiration on areas to improve in your organization, here are a few topics that we consider crucial to a strong cybersecurity posture:

Business Continuity| Disaster Recovery | Multi-Factor Authentication | Password Security |The Dark Web

Secure Remote Access | Employee Email Security


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