Why Your Company Needs a Digital Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster is inevitable, even if your company is entirely based online! It’s well-known that natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes are not preventable – instead, companies have to think ahead and come up with disaster recovery plans to get back on their feet ASAP.

The same holds true for digital disasters. Cybersecurity attacks are more common than ever before, and the risk of fraud or employee ID theft can also be high depending on your industry and your current cybersecurity practices.

Ultimately, a digital disaster recovery plan is similar to its real-world counterpart. A digital disaster recovery plan:

• Anticipates potential digital disasters or problems, like cybersecurity breaches or data theft
• Comes up with potential solutions for those problems before they occur
• Includes plans for employees and administrators so everyone knows their place in the event of a digital disaster

But does your company really need a digital disaster recovery plan if it already has a great firewall and good digital hygiene practices? Turns out, yes! There are many benefits to drawing up and maintaining a digital disaster recovery plan; let’s take a look at each of them now.

Why Your Company Needs a Digital Disaster Recovery Plan: Faster Recovery and Services Restoration

For starters, a good IT support plan will enable your company to perform faster recovery and restoration of its primary services. Say that you have a digital disaster where all of your servers crash due to a power outage or some other freak accident.

Your website goes down and customers can place their orders. With a digital disaster recovery plan, you’ll be able to get things back up and running ASAP and you’ll be able to grasp the full extent of the damages more quickly.

In many ways, a digital disaster recovery plan gets you back on the path to normalcy and full operations more quickly than if you tried to recover without a plan in place.

Minimal Downtime for Customers and Clients

Additionally, a digital disaster recovery plan will minimize any potential downtime for your clients and/or customers. Say that you run an online business and uptime is essential. In the event of a power outage or another disaster, a plan can help you get things back up to speed.

In some cases, you may not lose nearly as much business as you would if you had to scramble after a catastrophe. This can influence your profits, your reputation, and have other long-ranging effects beyond the immediate damage.

Why Your Company Needs a Digital Disaster Recovery Plan: Get Your Data Backed Up – Minimize Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks – in which cyber criminals capture vital company data and hold it for ransom – are incredibly common, and they must be anticipated. But a good digital disaster recovery plan will include backup protocols so all critical data is regularly backed up and stored in a place where cyber criminals can’t get it.

In the event that your business suffers a ransomware attack, you may not have to pay the ransom at all since all valuable data will already be stored somewhere else. This can save you money and protect your reputation in the long term.

Better Employee Management

Perhaps most important, a digital disaster recovery plan gives you the tools you need to manage your employees efficiently and safely. Each employee will know their place and responsibilities in a digital disaster, meaning fewer people will trip over one another and cause even more mayhem.

For all these benefits and more, we highly recommend you check out backup and disaster recovery services from The Purple Guys. As managed IT services providers, we’re experts in cybersecurity, data backup, and more. Even better, we can help you draw up an airtight digital disaster recovery plan soon! Contact us today for more information.

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