Partnering with the Purple Guys has provided us the expertise and benefits of an in-house IT department without the added expense. They have provided outstanding IT support for over 10 years – focusing on making sure our technology is secure and minimizing downtime. Because we don’t have to worry about our IT, we can focus on building our business.

Mary Sue Keitel
A. L. Huber General Contractor

Staffing for information technology needs in a small or middle market organization is always a challenge. It seems you need a fraction of various functions, and hiring full time positions for each need is impractical. With the Purple Guys, we are able to get the resources we need, at top rate quality, but at a price that fits our company. Also, as a fast growing company, the Purple Guys scale easily as we continue to grow.

Alan Salts
KBP Foods

We had one person providing network administration, help desk support, IT asset replacement, and had out-grown our data back-up solution. The Purple Guys handle all this and more with several IT specialists working simultaneously, so we can accomplish more. Now, we don’t worry about whether we have the IT skills to support the different challenges of a growing organization, as they give us more capabilities than ever before.

David Leavitt
The Victor L. Phillips Co.

The Purple Guys make us bulletproof! Their recent introduction of their tapeless backup system, VersentVault, is a continuation of their technical and business “know how”. They really fit a niche that small businesses look for to keep their networks up and running and protected against a business disaster. They definitely let us sleep easy knowing our technology is taken care of.

Mike Watts

Two years ago our IT Manager quit. Instead of replacing him, we decided to give The Purple Guys a try. For a lower cost we are now getting a higher level of service. In addition to normal day to day support we also utilized the Purple Guys in an email upgrade, a server replacement and a new backup process. All of these projects went according to plan!

Bob Hansen
VP Administrative Services
Western Forms

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