What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

Digital communication technology is more advanced and effective than ever before. These days, there are communication apps or platforms for instant messages, videoconferencing, collaboration across projects, and much more.

But all these different apps and platforms carry with them a single salient problem: there’s just too many of them! No one wants to work with several different communication apps open at the same time, yet this is what happens at many American workplaces each and every day. Things have become even more complicated with the COVID-19 pandemic, as people have transitioned to working remotely and relying on telecommunications software more frequently.

There is a solution, however. Unified communications as a service or UCaaS may be able to help your business enjoy streamlined, simplified communication systems. Let’s break down how right now.

Unified Communications as a Service: Modern Communication Problems

The modern workplace often has employees using several different communication tools and platforms at once. For instance, your employees might have videoconferences with Zoom. Then they might communicate using instant messages with a platform like Slack.

Ultimately, using multiple platforms for all your communication needs means that:

  • Employees have to learn multiple types of software
  • Messages often don’t carry over between platforms
  • Communications are slowed down significantly

Unified communications as a service can fix that.

UCaaS Explained

At its core, UCaaS simply involves merging several communication applications onto a single platform or network. When leveraged correctly, UCaaS will allow your employees to use multiple communication software tools, but all messages or information will be shared between platforms automatically.

IT services providers like The Purple Guys can provide UCaaS services for your business in no time.

How UCaaS Helps Your Business

When leveraged correctly, UCaaS carries the potential to significantly improve your business across the board. Let’s break down some specific benefits you might see when you receive UCaaS.

Simplified Administration

For starters, UCaaS can significantly simplify and streamline administrative overhead. No longer will your business’s administrators have to work with multiple types of technology or software just to make sure everyone gets the same memo or receives the same general direction.

Furthermore, administrators will not have to spend valuable time and money training employees on the use of multiple software platforms or apps. Instead, employees will be able to send messages on one platform, then have those messages sent across the entire UCaaS network and all of its layers.

Simplified End-User Experience

Furthermore, the end-user experience for your communication apps will be streamlined and simplified as well. This includes end-users in terms of your employees and end-users in terms of your clients.

Complex communication systems can make it a nightmare for your clients to contact agents within your organization. It can also make it difficult for team members to communicate and collaborate with one another as easily as they should.

With UCaaS from The Purple Guys, you’ll be able to make communication easier for your employees and your customers or clients no matter whether they wish to communicate internally or externally.

Unified Communications as a Service: Improved Communication Consistency Across Your Business

Perhaps most important of all, messages will no longer be lost and you’ll see greater communication consistency across your business and all of its departments.

With UCaaS, you don’t need to worry about one employee sending a message to a colleague, only for the second employee to never get the memo. Essentially, UCaaS will help your business be more effective than ever before.

That’s why The Purple Guys offer not only UCaaS, but a variety of other managed IT services ranging from data backup and disaster recovery to cybersecurity to spam protection and more. Contact us today for more information!

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