Quick Guide: Spam Protection and Why You Need It

Spam protection is a must-have for 2022!

We all know that feeling of opening your inbox only to see it overflowing with junk emails.

You immediately feel stressed and overwhelmed, and the workday has only just started!

These spammy emails can be so much more than just time-wasters.

They can also be dangerous attempts to steal sensitive information or corrupt your computer.

“Sadly, spam is a huge way that cybercriminals can infiltrate your company.” – Tania Cassleman, The Purple Guys: Stress-Free IT Support.

With more than 50% of inbound emails being spam, it adds a layer of insecurity to your company and can have lasting consequences.

Why Do You Still Need Spam Protection?

Email is one of the most used forms of business communication, search engine optimization and marketing.

The online world is only growing, and cybercriminals know that email is a simple tool that everyone uses.

A Verizon report on over 41 000 security incidents in businesses globally showed that 94% of malware security issues happened through email.

Email spoofing and phishing prey on human error, so having anti-malware software can protect your business from the temptation of a suspicious link or attachment.

Don’t think you need to protect your small business?

The report also showed that 43% of data breaches occurred in small and medium-sized businesses, making them big targets.

Spam protection software helps to filter out dangerous emails and protects your business and employees from malicious online attacks before it reaches your inbox.

A Spam-Free Inbox Will Increase Productivity and Save Time

Keeping your inbox free of clutter will also help increase productivity.

Rather than spending time sifting through junk emails and special offers, you can instead respond to genuine business emails.

Anti-spam software can also help with graymail.

Graymail isn’t spam but rather emails you subscribed to but no longer want to receive.

The filter will pick up inactivity and block the email, so you don’t have to unsubscribe manually.

How Does Spam Protection Work?

Spam protection software uses a series of filters to determine which emails are safe by checking the email source, its content, and the engagement it generates.

When analyzing emails, these filters use specific criteria, and a good program will recognize suspicious word patterns, repeated words, or flagged phrases.

Once you have marked an email in your inbox as spam, the program will make a rule based on the contents of that email and apply it to any new emails.

Anti-malware software can be hosted on servers or integrated into your email software, allowing you to maximize its effectiveness.

5 Common Spam Filters You Can Use to Protect Your Inbox

Spam filters are a great way to safeguard your business, particularly for those who aren’t knowledgeable about the dangers of email spoofing and phishing.

1. Content Filters

These filters check the contents of each email and send unwanted emails straight to your spam box.

They work well as spam emails commonly have a similar structure and content, such as special offers or explicit content.

2. Rule-Based Filters

These filters create rules for all inbound emails based on phrases or words you choose.

The email is automatically sent to the spam box when these are identified.

These filters are helpful as they can also be used for a specific sender.

3. Blocklist Filters

These filters block emails from senders on a spammers list.

This list is constantly updated to keep the filters working well, but if spammers change their email domain, they might get through until they are reported and put back on the list.

4. Header Filters

This filter looks at the header of each email to ensure it comes from a credible source.

It also checks the IP address before allowing it into your inbox.

5. Language Filters

The online world is global, and spammers have worldwide access.

These filters block any emails, not in your native language. This could be problematic if you have a global customer base, so you need to check your spam box regularly.

Saying No to Spam is Quick, Easy, and Vital for your Business

The right software is a good investment, but it is not always 100% effective.

It is essential to have additional firewalls and educate yourselves and your employees about the danger of unsafe links and attachments.

So, do you have the necessary measures in place to keep your company safe?

When most businesses are online in some form, spam protection is more critical than ever.

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