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Does Your IT Support Leave You Needing Support?

Do they respond on their timeline, not yours?

When your IT goes down, do their profits go up?

Is their IT 'Help Desk' not very helpful?

Are their invoices consistently inconsistent?

Are their people not 'people-people'?

There's a Better Way!

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“Two years ago our IT Manager quit. Instead of replacing him, we decided to give The Purple Guys a try. For a lower cost we are now getting a higher level of service.”

– Robert, VP Administration

Manufacturing Firm
“Partnering with the Purple Guys has provided us the expertise and benefits of an in-house IT department without the added expense.”
– Sue, CFO
General Contractor

“Staffing for IT needs is always a challenge. With The Purple Guys, we are able to get the resources we need, at a top quality, at a price that fits our company”

– Scott, Partner

Law Firm

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The Cents make Sense:

Did you know that instead of hiring one internal IT person starting at $50,000 a year, with The Purple Guys, you get an entire IT Support Department starting at $2,000 a month?

Stop Putting up with Bad IT Support

Businesses NEED technology. Confusing terms, unhelpful helpdesks & unpredictable costs are FRUSTRATING. Trouble Free IT Support from The Purple Guys gives you secure, friendly support for a predictable price.

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