The Importance of 24x7x365 IT Services Monitoring

The Importance of 24x7x365 IT Services Monitoring

In our modern world of constant digital connectivity, constant vigilance is a must-have. Company networks and their firewalls should be consistently monitored to:

• Check for new digital breaches or attacks
• Ensure that firewalls are kept up to date
• Provide peace of mind to administrators or company employees

However, many organizations haven’t yet transitioned to 24x7x365 monitoring. In their eyes, it may not be important enough to monitor their IT infrastructure 24 /7 if they have other cybersecurity measures put in place already.

Today, let’s break down the importance of 24x7x365 IT services monitoring and explore its many benefits once you start keeping a closer, constant eye on things.

What is 24x7x365 Monitoring?

24x7x365 monitoring, also called continuous monitoring, simply means constantly monitoring your network’s security for:

• Employee access (and recording each instance of access to critical company files or data)
• Cybersecurity attacks or breaches
• Firewall glitches
• And more

In short, 24x7x365 monitoring tells your cybersecurity team or managed IT services team whenever something is amiss. When leveraged properly, 24x7x365 monitoring will immediately alert you whenever there’s a problem with your IT infrastructure, enabling you to respond more quickly or enact countermeasures ASAP.

Continuous monitoring can mean the difference between a mild cybersecurity concern or a major digital breach that leads to the loss of company files, crashing servers, and other major problems.

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring

Indeed, continuous monitoring provides several major benefits to companies that implement it. Here are some of the top advantages you may see when you start using continuous monitoring.

Minimized Cybercriminal Vulnerability

First, your company will experience much lower vulnerability to cybercriminal attacks, such as malware attacks, ransomware threats, and so on.

Why? Continuous monitoring checks your firewall and other aspects of your IT infrastructure, like employee activity logs, for any suspicious activity or signs of a malware breach. By doing this, you’ll be able to respond more quickly or your firewall may be able to lock out any intruders more rapidly (and before they do any permanent or major damage!).

Given the importance of modern IT security, lower vulnerability to cybersecurity threats is no small benefit!

Maximum Uptime for Clients and Customers

Next, 24x7x365 monitoring enables you to provide maximum uptime for your customers and/or clients.

Say that your servers experience a bout of instability, either due to a malware attack or some other network glitch. With continuous monitoring, you can identify that something is wrong immediately, then take steps to prevent the glitch from spreading to your servers and causing a full crash.

This, in turn, will prevent your customers from experiencing any downtime in your services or products. That’s a major benefit considering that high uptime is crucial to protect both your profits and your long-term reputation in your industry.

The Importance of 24x7x365 IT Services Monitoring: Total Confidence in IT Infrastructure

Perhaps most important of all, 24x7x365 monitoring can give you total peace of mind and confidence in your IT infrastructure. You can go to bed without having to worry about a malware threat you are unprepared for or worry that you might return to the office to find that all the servers have crashed.

Continual monitoring is a vital part of modern IT management, which is why The Purple Guys offer monitoring services and other network solutions for companies just like yours. Best of all, our managed IT services include cybersecurity protection, email and spam protection, and other benefits.

You can contact us today for more information! Once you start monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7, you’ll find that cybersecurity management is much easier and that your networks are safer than ever.

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