What to Outsource to an IT Support Company

What to Outsource to an IT Support Company

Unless it’s your area of expertise, you probably lump everything that happens in your business on any tech device including computers, printers, phones, etc. into a single arena: I.T.. But that’s not entirely accurate. So what, exactly, is I.T.? What does it mean to outsource your I.T. support, and what services will the support company provide?

An I.T. support company can make sure that your platform is secure, remotely accessible, and efficient, remotely managing your I.T. infrastructure as well as your end-user systems, and some offer more services. But some things fall into the “technology” category that you can’t — and shouldn’t — outsource.

You can outsource the support, but you cannot outsource your industry expertise. In the technology world, that means not bringing in a third party to manage the expertise wrapped around your line of business application. Anything specific to your business or industry that gives you a competitive advantage is not something you should rely on a third-party to provide. Otherwise, anyone could acquire it from any support company off the street while you watch your competitive advantage fly out the window.

Absolutely, turn to your I.T. support company to help you log in to your application, but keep the “how to” and best practices in-house. Take your CRM as an example. Whether you use Salesforce or HubSpot or any similar platform, the system can be customized in a lot of very specific ways, providing a competitive advantage to the company that utilizes its features optimally. Unless an I.T. support company is laser-focused on your specific industry and has every certification under the sun, it won’t have the expertise to do that for you. And even if the company offers that service, its knowledge belongs inside the four walls of your business.

Technology efficiency, security, accessibility, and backups: Those are the I.T. functions to outsource. Are you having trouble logging in? Call your I.T. support provider. Are you trying to figure out precisely how your specific company will use your CRM? Look to the power users on your team who know the ins and outs of the software you’ve chosen to enhance your business.

Your competitive advantage is the secret sauce that makes your company different from all the others operating in your space. If it could be bought with an easy monthly subscription — like the ones offered by very few I.T. support companies — everyone would have it and it would no longer be an advantage. Instead, foster the expertise that produces your competitive advantage internally and leave the day-to-day operations of the I.T. department to the pros. It's a perk if they take care of it all at a monthly fixed-fee subscription for all-inclusive I.T. Support, so you don't have to worry about hourly or project billing invoice surprises.

Outsourcing I.T. to a support company can be a groundbreaking decision that removes constraints holding back your business. By bringing in a third party, your own I.T. personnel can focus on the things that are most important to your bottom line and spend less time recovering lost passwords, updating software, or bringing rebellious printers back under your control.

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