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Protect your business against cybersecurity threats

Not sure what steps to take to protect yourself and your data from data thieves? Here are some questions that can help clear things up:

  1. Do you know if your data is securely backed up?

    Do you know how and where? Are your backups checked and updated regularly?

  2. Are your computers and networks defended?

    Do you know who has access to them? Are employees able to access your network remotely and safely? Do you have a firewall and antivirus?

  3. Are your domains and internet browsers safe?

    Is your site and the sites you visit secure? Are your eCommerce and online customer portals secure from Crytpojacking malware?

  4. Are your employees trained to spot phishing emails?

    Can your employees pass a phishing email test? Do they know how to assess links and email addresses to ensure legitimacy?

  5. Do you have a company-wide password policy?

    Do you use unique and complex passwords for ALL business accounts? Where do your employees and I.T. provider store passwords — is it secure? Are your employees changing their passwords regularly?

Was “no” or "unsure" the answer to any of these? Don’t stress! We’ll help you identify weaknesses and secure your systems. Give us a call or get your Free Cybersecurity Assessment today.

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In the meantime, want more tips? Download our Simple Security Guide with five ways to protect your business from cyberattacks.


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