Don’t let cybercriminals interfere with your business

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Is your I.T. infrastructure fully protected?

Small businesses are often less equipped to prevent or overcome cyberattacks due to having smaller I.T. budgets and fewer resources.

This can allow data theft to go undetected and delay the recovery from hackers’ infiltration of your network, which can result in substantial downtime and cost thousands of dollars in damages.

The Purple Guys specializes in the planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of I.T. infrastructure protection. We take a proactive approach to your business’s safety that repels cyberattacks and keeps hackers out of your network. And it includes round-the-clock monitoring to detect suspicious behavior in real-time before data theft can occur.

Our cybersecurity solutions will:


Extensive logging and reporting capabilities allow us to intercept attackers and minimize risk in the future.


We keep a close eye on cybercrime trends so your employees and consultants are more protected.


Proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data alerts us when a threat is detected so we can respond immediately.

So you can achieve:


Every aspect of your I.T. will comply with industry and government regulations.


Your data and systems will be safe 24/7, and your business will run smoothly at all times.


Multiple security programs provide comprehensive protection for your business.

Dark Web ID

Dark Web ID is the surest way to find out if your employees’ login credentials have been compromised on the dark web. We use this proprietary technology to conduct thorough searches into the deepest corners of the internet, and immediately block criminals from accessing this critical information.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Even with state-of-the-art antivirus software and firewalls, you will still be fighting to completely prevent malware intrusion and data breaches. That’s because people are often the weakest link in your security chain.

The Purple Guys’ Cybersecurity Awareness Training will educate your staff about modern-day cyberthreats and scams. Upon completion of the program, your employees will be in a much better position to recognize an attack when they see one, which means the risks of a security breach will be significantly reduced.

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