How to Protect Your Web Application – Even if You Don’t Own Sensitive Data

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Hackers are watching. Give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to avoid puncturing holes in your system. Prioritize these four critical security measures.

The hacking attacks on Equifax and Panera, less than a year apart, were highly publicized events.

Cryptojacking Malware: What It Is and How to Fix It

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Cryptojacking is a cyberattack like no other. Attackers don’t steal your data or ransom off access to your network. Instead, they commandeer your hardware when you’re not looking and redline the processors to mine cryptocurrency.

How to Protect Your Network and Devices From Cryptojacking

If you don’t know that your computer or server is being cryptojacked, how will you find the malware and remove it?

Unlike other forms of malware, cryptojacking doesn’t seek to disrupt your business — at least not immediately. On the contrary, its goal is to steal your processing power so that hackers can mine cryptocurrency, which the malware can accomplish only by remaining hidden as long as possible.

Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Cybersecurity

More than 159,000 data breaches occurred in 2017 alone, according to a cyber incidents and breach trends report by the Online Trust Alliance. That’s almost double the number of incidents from 2016, and if it continues, it will be much higher by the end of 2018.

Most of these reported incidents involved stolen credit card information, Social Security numbers, and passwords.

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What Businesses Need to Know Now About Cryptojacking

What happens when hackers steal your processing power but not your data?

IBM Managed Security Services reported in 2017 that the number of CPUs hijacked just to mine cryptocurrency grew sixfold between January and August. These computers are infected with highly intelligent viruses that steal their processing power, and they’re smart enough to avoid detection.

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The One Thing Businesses Need To Do More

Whether surfing online with a mobile or desktop device, everyone's security is at risk anytime you log in to an account with a saved or frequently used password. The Purple Guys, Kansas City and St. Louis’s most responsive and reliable IT Service and Computer Support company, reminds you and your employees to take a moment to change your passwords today and set a calendar reminder every 90 days for the optimal safety of you and your business.

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