Customer Comments

Actual customer comments from The Purple Guys I.T. support
and service desk customers.

Name Reaction Comment
Lori positive Brian was thorough in helping me and explaining an area I didn't have a lot of information or training in.
Mariah positive PGs are awesome, as usual.
Tyra positive answered my question in a timely manner, accurate info.
Thomas positive Joanna had the problem solved before I even got to the computer. 👍
Christine neutral WE have 6 printers, not 4.
Wendy positive Problem fixed quickly.
Kelly positive Joanna is always helpful.
Deborah positive Elijah was very professional, even when encountering several issues. He was very thorough and didn't appear frustrated at any point.
Wendy positive "problem solved and update done without any issues. Thank you!"
Jin positive the issue solved in timely manner, thanks a lot!
Yuridia positive Matt took the time to figure out the problem and was very patient and helpful.
Carol positive Justin was quickly able to diagnose my problem and stayed on the line to be sure it did not reoccur. When it did reoccur, he was able to make a permanent correction. Thank you Justin!!!
Brandy positive Brian was very friendly and everything went smoothly.
Denise positive Justin came through for me per usual, even contacting Keypoint on the issue I was having with corrupted files within the carrier record. Luckily the issue was resolved, with no other files being corrupted in my case. Thanks again for the prompt reply - you guys are the best I.T. company I've dealt with! - Denise
Devyn positive Made the process quick, smooth and easy to complete
Julieann positive Justin handled this ticket and it was resolved with a favorable outcome. Everyone received the information they needed.
Brock positive Timely planned and executed
Marjorie positive Always helpful, answer my questions and concerns
Brad positive Well done. Thanks.
Jen positive We had no idea who used the Administrator email. Justin got in and we viewed it together. We are able to delete it, which reduces our cost when moving to 365. We appreciate him for helping us reduce costs, no matter the amount.
Christine positive They not only fixed the problem but went over how to navigate around!
Gary positive Justin, when he is on the ticket I am comfortable that I know the ticket will be done right
Katy positive Thank you! The issue was taken care of and you all figured it out quickly. Have a fabulous Friday!
Aimee positive thanks very kind and informative
Forrest positive Quick and concise
Becky positive The Purple Guys team got right on this and fixed Paul's email in a timely manner. THANKS!!
Joseph positive Quick response and help with trouble shooting on my PC
Johnny positive The issue was resolved quickly, and interaction with the I.T. tech was pleasant.
Julieann positive Justin was very prompt and courteous.
Eliot positive The individuals I spoke to were helpful. Prompt service resolved the issue within a hour, so there wasn't that much down time.
Becky positive Nick was quick to respond to my issue and completed it in a very timely manner.
Dante positive Fast response and completion.
Mohit positive Licensing issue was resolved as requested.
Denise positive Joanna is always pleasant to work with.
Pam positive "Nick investigated my issue and found the problem right away. Resolved it and contacted me to let me know what the problem was and advised that if I run into the issue again, a restart will probably solve it. Thank you! Pam"
Tyler positive Elijah was great! Very helpful.
Christina positive Justin was quick and also informative.
Christina positive Thanks for your help!!
Melinda positive Quick response time and solved my issue. Thanks guys!
Annie positive Brian has been super helpful! Thank you!
Kristin positive rapid response
Cynthia positive I can use my printer now!!! YAY
Cathi positive Andrew was very quick to figure out the issue I was having, much appreciated!
Katy positive Thank you!
Robbin positive Quick turn around!
David positive Prompt response.
Carol positive All your team members are knowledgeable and efficient. Thank You!
Christine neutral This ticket was opened on May 7, 2019.
Consuelo positive Thank you for your expeditious work.
Christine s neutral It took 3 attempts until I got what I asked for in the first place.
Mirta positive I truly appreciate the response time. You guys are great.
Jill positive They got to the issue in a sufficient time.
Kerry positive Tania was great! She gave us some solutions to try and with a new ethernet cable and new docking station, we're back in business! Thanks!
Mary Beth positive Quick, courteous, and to the point.
Barbara positive Justin is always pleasant to work with it.
Laura positive Nick was on this promptly and got us up and running quickly!
Sherri positive Thank you Justin !! 🙂
Freida positive it was a very fast ticket!
Erik positive Great response time
Brock positive Don e quick and informed
Bruce positive Got us up and running this weekend.
Rebecca positive As far as I know, my subcontractor can email me now.
Pam positive "Rachel was able to troubleshoot immediately and get my compooter to open Outlook. THANK YOU! Pam"
Kathy positive My Experience was great and Chastity was wonderful and patient with me.
Matthew positive Quick and thorough
Robbie positive Very understanding to our needs and dealing with our two home offices. Thanks Purple Guys and Gals!
Sara positive Tania is the best. Can you clone her?
Claire positive My printer and scanner are fixed! Thank you!!!!
Tyra positive Justin got a 3 way call going and I was able to understand the issue. It may come up again due to our equipment, but I will remember to type info into word before plugging it into SoftPro, so reduce the risk of lost work.
Debbie positive They fixed it in a timely fashion.
Kerry positive quick solution to my problem! thanks Joanna!
Nicole positive Elijah was awesome and quick to locate the issues and resolve it. Thank you!
Jen positive I'm out of the office, but I needed to get into my work PC from home. I called and Elijah took my info and opened a ticket. The ticket got assigned to him and called me back within a couple minutes. With us now being in the Cloud, I wasn't sure what to tell him. In a matter of less than 10 minutes, he connected me, and tested it. Thank you, Elijah.
Jacob positive Excellent Service and Halloween is just around the corner for you purple monsters!
Rochelle positive She followed up everyday and made sure thaf I was supported all throughout. Great job!
Charles positive Quick reliable service. Friendly staff and techs.
Becky positive Completed within minutes of my request. Thanks Joanna!!
JoNell positive They responded very quickly and the follow up was amazing. Thank you
Sherri positive Thank You !
Sherri positive Thank You !
Sarah positive Thanks for all your work on the laptops this week, Ryland!
Richard positive Thank you for your quick response! Glad to have support that responds quickly.
Marianne positive Tania was timely, thorough, and talked me through any questions I had. Concern was resolved. Thanks!!
Shana positive Great job!!
Caitlin positive Joanna was extremely patient and diligent when it came to this ticket - getting the job done efficiently! Wonderful!
Dixie positive My issue was resolved quickly
Yara positive You guys are awesome.
Ben positive Quick and to the point.
John positive Derek is awesome, very helpful
Robbie positive Rachel loves my humor in the world of reporting phishing. Why do we have to deal with bad people?
Anna positive Quick and efficient!
Gary positive The problem was solved completely
Jen positive It saved me a lot of time, and that is very important to me. I did not know this service was available, and appreciate Justin for letting me know.
Michael positive Fixed my problem. Found the obscure credentials file that was whacked out.
Chris positive Quick response time.
Caitlin positive Both Tonya and Joanna were extremely helpful with the ticket issue! Wonderful!
Melissa positive Thank you for the help! I was at a job site and was able to get to talk to Elijah right away and he helped me fix issue while I was onsite.
Sarah positive Thanks for getting these in so quickly!
Pam positive Quick response!!! Thank you!
Callie positive She was helpful and solved the problem quickly
Marty positive Quick response and handled problem very professionally. THank you!
Jennifer positive I haven't been able to test to make sure this is fixed, but I'll create another ticket if it becomes an issue. Thank you!
Nathaniel positive Though issue resolution took several days, I was glad that Purple Guys stuck with it, kept asking whether the issue had been resolved, and didn't let the ticket become lost in the swirl.
Alecia positive Justin responded quickly and was able to give me the information I needed to get the issue resolved.
Mary positive Lucky for me Joanna answered the phone early this mornning when I called. Super quick, super easy - good start to my day.
Tehani positive I appreciated the follow thru as it took several days to figure out.
Joseph positive Resolved the same day! Thanks for the quick response.
Jorge positive Nick and Joannna were fantastic as always. Greatly appreciate the support.
Consuelo positive Thank you for your assistance with our vendor's request and for keeping us in a loop on the progress.
Jen positive Justin is great. He talked to me about everything yesterday, told me what he would need from me once he got started, and it flowed wonderfully. Thank you, Justin!!
Crystal positive "Always helpful, thank you so much for your hard work Chris W.! - Crystal"
Jennifer positive Super fast and helpful!
Nicole positive She was very fast in trouble shooting my issue and offering a solution! Thank you!
John neutral We were dead in the water due to Google outage. I would appreciate periodic updates from you on the status when major outages like this occur. We had over a 12 hour period from 4:30pm to 6:30am where we received no further information.
Terry positive So prompt....thank you!
Christina positive Thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly
Bruce H positive Help was quick and the issue resolved simply
Wendy positive Always very responsive! Thank you!
Kristy positive Quick response and fixed the problem!
Christine positive Quick response & solved my problem!
JoNell positive Derick is always excellent and gets everything taken care of in a timely manner. He's great to work with.
Melba positive Although I missed my appointment yesterday regarding issues with my laptop, they still help me and solve the matter for me. I was very please. Dave was excellent!
Sara positive Chris got this fixed right away and now works great!
Danielle positive I appreciate the follow up and the willingness to get everything right.
Kim positive Thank you for your patience! Matt always comes through!
Kathy positive Thank you!
Susanne positive I am thankful you can retrieve documents that we may have messed up from the archives.
Charles positive Fast reliable service.
Melissa positive "Chasity did a great job, everything was as it should be. She went the extra step and I appreciate the fact that she logged into outlook, made chrome the default browser, put shortcuts for work and excel on the desktop. Thanks Chasity!"
Karen positive Justin knew what questions to ask to narrow down the problem.
Michelle positive They were able to help me after hours with a time sensitive issue.
Nikki positive "Derek was timely and professional with the request. He was great at communicating with me and confirming what information I needed access to. Thank you!"
Miles positive My printers now work
Robbin positive Very prompt!
Kristin positive Timely resolution - good explanation of situation
Curt positive They called and had me connect to them remotely. The downloaded and installed the MS Apps.
Jim positive handled it without problems
Joseph positive Justin was very responsive and offered very helpful explanations throughout.
Pat positive Thank you for taking care of my ethernet issue - all is working good now! It's hard to believe that a cable that goes untouched for many years can go bad...Yeah, Purple Guys!!
Julieann positive Chasity took care of this very quickly.
Sarah positive Thank you for accommodating this rush job! It is greatly appreciated!
Amanda positive Justin was fast, efficient, and easy to work with. Thank you!
Alan positive The file restore took maybe 5 minutes. Thanks Brian.
Lori positive Fast, prompt as always. Thanks Purple Dudes.
Debbie positive "My experience was great because Tania was perfect. Nice conversation and explanation, very efficient and comfortable handling. Thank you!! Debbie"
Denise positive My issue was addressed promptly and without any issues.
Greg positive prompt response and fix
Zouhair positive Very helpful staff and quick resolution to the problem
Brock positive Promptly handled and notified
JoNell positive Thank you for the quick and excellent follow up. All is good and we appreciate you!
Coleman positive fast and efficient!!!
Cathy positive Joanna came to the rescue..I endeavor to use 'help' before reaching out, but needed more-i always learn something new. thanks!!
Stephanie positive Thank you Ryland for being so great to me today!!
Brock positive Done quickly with confirmation.
Julieann positive "Justin is always so professional and easy to understand and work with. When Justin helps with an issue , I feel like I know what is going on. Thank you Justin"
Nancy positive The tech called on Sat when my message indicated I was traveling on Monday and out of the office all week.
Tamy positive Derek was awesome!!!
Heather positive Justin is always so great to work with! Very knowledgeable and helpful!
Iloe positive The Purple Guys continuously followed up on the issue and ensured that it was resolved in a timely manner.
John H positive Fast awesome.
Laura positive Ryland upgraded Century Plaza to Windows 10 and it was a very smooth transition. He answered all of my questions. Great service!
Cynthia positive He fixed the problem right away
Christina positive Nathan did an awesome job on this! Not only is he great to work with because of his knowledge and thoroughness, but his pride in his work is greatly appreciated!
Marie neutral Staff fixed, Purple Guys only created a ticket and checked to see that the fix we have worked.
Becky positive Mike is always very friendly and completes the task at hand in a timely manner.
Christina positive Nick was very helpful. He was quick to respond and performed several scans and clean ups to make sure my computer was running as good as possible and also started the process to get a new computer on it's way to me. Very pleased!
Freida positive The response time was fast and we were up and running within 2hrs.
Greg positive fast response and fix
Matt positive Brian fairly quickly diagnosed the problem. I wish I had called him first!
Jennifer positive Kerri was really quick at putting together a laptop quote and had timely follow up with me while I was getting slow in responding. Everyone is always very patient and helpful when I call in too. Thank you!
Cindy positive Susie and Derek are great to work with and are painstakingly diligent until they get something resolved!
Selena positive Matt was really nice! He made sure the equipment was working before he let me go and, when it took some time to figure it out, he didn't get frustrated/try to rush me off the phone. Thanks for all your help!
Cathy J. positive Judy and Vonda verified they have access which was the goal-thanks, Purple Guys for your teamwork and diligence!
Lauren positive Justin is always such a great help!
Connie positive Quick response.
Marion positive There were two issues happening at once and although I became frustrated, your reps remained professional and courteous the entire day. Even though they were extremely busy, they hopped right on this ticket to get it resolved and followed up next day. Outstanding service and a huge thank you to the Gate Keepers of the virtual world!
Enza Positive Thanks for the quick turnaround! You guys are the best!!!
Cathy Positive Quick response
Shelli Positive I received prompt assistance that solved my issue.
Don Positive Tech was knowledgeable
Val Positive Ryland was awesome, had great follow up, very nice and helpful!
Yara Positive The Purple Guys are the best!
Jeff Positive It was easy & quick
Kalyssa Positive Elijah was awesome!
Marina Positive The issue was resolved in a timely manner.
Marla Positive Brian was great,
Logan Positive Justin knew exactly how to fix the problem and did so very efficiently
Stephanie Positive I had an issue with some pop ups and my problem was resolved. Thanks.
Husain Positive didnt have any difficulties
Freida Positive The tech solved our issue as quickly as possible and even when I added to the ticket they took it all in stride and solved that too!
Cathi Positive We are always taken care of quickly and efficiently with no issues whatsoever, very pleased with service!
Kim Positive Matt got my issued fixed in 10 minutes or less. I have been struggling for weeks and now my computer is running like a top!
Jim Positive very timely response. Excellent results.
Maria Positive Andrew did a great job!
Thomas Positive Quickly resolved
Renee Positive Elijah was very helpful. It was like taking my car to the shop, he remoted in and we couldn't get the issue to recreate itself after it had been doing its "thing" all morning and yesterday.
Mirta Neutral In the future we should make certain that the work station is up and running prior to a new employee arriving on their first day. The end result was a positive one however it made for a crazy Monday. Thank you.
Heather Positive Thanks so much for your help on this!
Sarah Positive Thanks for taking care of this so quickly, Chasity!
Brock Positive Quick response and knew the answer. Gave good directions.
Tim Positive Mr. Weber was awesome
Heather Positive Matt is the best and got us setup right the first time with no delays or interruptions!!
Missy Positive Chris was great!!
Christina Positive Joanna rocks!
John Positive Helpful as always
Alan Positive Quick and very helpful
Karen Positive Awesome job, thanks Justin 🙂
Laura Positive Fixed quickly. Good communication. Thank you!!!
Rogi Positive Matt was very helpful!
Sherri Positive Thank You !
Rebecca Positive Super fast response, got me exactly what I need. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Brian Positive Andrew was great!
Robin Positive My experience was great because Andrew explained options, stayed in touch, and walked me through the sign-up process. Thanks!
John Positive I received service on Sunday. Thanks
Brock Positive Promptly addressed with explanation.
Nils Positive Great job Purple Guys! Quick response as always!
William Positive Rachel was very helpful. I appreciate that this was handled promptly and I was able to get my issue fixed in a very timely manner.
Curtis Positive As usual Justin did a great job resolving my issue. This particular issue was a first-timer related to ACT!, which is amazing to begin with because I thought we had surely run into all of the possible ACT! issues over time. He investigated, pulled some magic out of his sleeve, and identified the problem which was not at all made evident by the cryptic error message from ACT!. KUDOS to Justin! Thanks
Brandon Positive Perfect new computer setup. Thanks Dave
Rusty Positive Great job. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Haley Positive Andrew solved the problem quickly! Thanks for your help!
Cathleen Positive Elijah is awesome!!!
Haley Positive Andrew was very helpful and sloved all issues! Thank you!
Rusty Positive Thanks for being available and taking care of this issue timely.
Robbie Positive While working through software integration issues with another company's request, Purple Guys are patient and willing to make changes based upon the other company's recommendation. They are most supportive to work through a solution for our best interest. Thanks Justin!
Freida Positive My issue was resolved quickly and we were able to get back on track in record time!
Kerry Positive I liked the status updates as the issue progressed and was resolved!
Kristin Positive Thanks so much for your help with this. You work so fast that I'm doing my best to keep up. This project was done accurately and so fast!
Sheryl Positive Tania was so helpful and personable.
Claire Positive Easy to work with and problem fixed!
Greg Positive Knew exactly what was wrong and took no time to fix it.
Pegge Positive work was taken care of quickly
Jamie Positive Brian Gates was fabulous even with me not being able to do any work at all on 06/19/19.
Jennifer Positive Andrew was quick to respond and a great help!
Jaclyn Positive I appreciated the quick response, especially at the end of the day. I was very worried nobody would be able to help me before the next day. Thank you for that. I was able to keep working later that evening. Jackie G.
Donna Positive The Purple Guys realized right away that our server needed to be rebooted and that was causing issues with our phone system.
YuMin Positive He fixed my problem and answered my question about the ticket portal.
Cathy J. Positive Thanks all from Joanna and Rachel to Matt I appreciate the assistance with my concerns given the interaction with my bank. Thanks Purple team!
Amy Positive I got great help, and the I.T. support worker was very supportive and prompt in responsive!
Ellen Positive As always it wasgreat!
Jessica Positive Derek was great..
Richard Positive The service person who responded listened and immediately identified the problem then fixed it and explained what he had done. He really saved my day or perhaps my week. Thanks
Melody Positive Thank you! It was a fast and easy fix!
Nikki Positive took Chris no time to get me connected again.
Marianne Positive Nick responded first by email and checked back in with me when he said he would. He then asked permission to remote into my computer. He couldn't see the issue and stated he would send the request to someone with more expertise. He responded to me promptly each time there was communication. Thanks!
Casey Positive Was very helpful! Did a quick job of fixing the problem.
Dan Positive Proactive and follow through
Matt Positive Took the time to follow up and resolve the network issue! Great job and customer service!
Marla Negative I had 6-7 meetings a day last week and had very few time openings. Twice, I was offered several times for follow up (one was a 10am option, provided at 11:30am??) and twice, I responded confirmation of times to be contacted, and twice, I was not contacted. The firs time I let pass, the second, I had to call PG myself, I never received any confirmation when I accepted the time. I was kept on the phone 45 minutes the first attempt at fixing my print driver- I expected it to be 10 minutes, I was never told how long it would take nor any "sorry this is taking so long." On a day when I have 7 meetings scheduled, 45 unexpected minutes on a tech call was extremely inconvenient. I would have rescheduled to the next day. Both techs were extremely friendly, though brian talks so rapidly it is sometimes difficult to follow.
Sam Positive Quick Response, Thank you.
Tamara Positive Thank you so much Tania! This was a very long day, but the job was completed. I appreciate all your help!
Gary Positive Great job! Ditto every time!
Gary Positive Good as expected from your TEAM
Alan Positive Chastity is very helpful and patient while helping.
Jason Positive I really appreciate Chasity chasing down the details with OnCenter on the database migration.
Shera Positive You all are awesome.
Valeri Positive Brian was very patient and helpful. I thought it would be a big hassle and he made it very simple.
Andrew Positive willingness to see things thru. Had several different steps that took place and it was always done with a positive and helpful attitude.
Jennifer Positive Dave Mitsdarffer was very responsive and even followed up via phone the next day after I replied via email that I was all set and was so glad he did because I had a random issue at the exact moment he called. GREAT TIMING! Terrific customer service.
Joan Positive Great
Linda Positive Elijah worked hart for fix my problem. He was very patient and personable. Made the whole process painless. Thank You Elijah
Robbie Positive Knowledgeable on what our customers are missing on their end to help with overall communication.
Julie Negative I missed going into work this morning waiting for a 8:45am phone call from the purple guys to fix the link of my home computer to may work computer. I did not receive the phone call until 9:45am.
Alan Positive The restore process was quick and easy with a single conversation with the Tech, Brian. Great service!
Becky Positive Resolved in a timely manner.
Josh Positive Nick was amazing as always.
Amy Positive I had let a few upgrades go by thinking of the inconvenience of having to get it done, but the upgrade was done quickly and without interruption to daily work activities. Now I won't hesitate to get updates scheduled when I get the notifications.
Kelly Positive Joanna was great in helping me resolve my issue. 🙂
Jennifer Positive my issue was fixed quickly and I could get back to my work!
Carolyn Positive Quick response and was able to help resolve the issue immediately.
Brad Positive great communication and solved the problem.
Shaunice Positive Because shortly after everything was corrected my system logged me out and everything sorta reverted back
JoNell Positive Derek is great. Fixed the issue within minutes. Thank you very much!
Rusty Positive Thanks for the quick turnaround on getting our data restored from backup.
Doug Positive Updates completed before office opened. Thanks for prompt service.
Josh Positive Nick was very helpful as always.
Robbie Positive Best Customer Service is given by the Purple Guys!!!! They are into "Details" and are thorough.
Michelle Positive Awesome service as usual
Shilo Positive Matt responded in a timely manner and called with questions. The situation was fixed quickly.
Jackie Positive quick and easy and sarah is awesome 🙂
Brock Positive Knew how to find the answer, communicated and implemented.
Kristy Positive Derrick Duke was helpful and prompt in his response and resolution.
Bob Positive Nice job by Nathan -- All looks fine. Thanks for working on this with limited notice. User is going to Saudi Arabia in the morning and needed a working PC.
Carol Positive Sarah is great - fast and efficient service as always.
Dan Positive Chris helped find the program required for the update to the firmware on my Lenovo. Thanks, Dan
Kristin Positive I sent over an update to one of our current processes and you said it was no problem to continue doing it that way. Thanks for making things easy for us!
Kim Positive Derek is always on it! Takes care of concern quickly and resolves issue. Many thanks!
Susan Positive Thank you for doing such a great job!!!
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