5 Best Preschools and Child Care Centers in Valparaiso

5 Best Preschools and Child Care Centers in Valparaiso

Child Care Centers in Valparaiso

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Early childhood education is an important step in developing young students’ social and fine motor skills, allowing them to interact with other children within their age group. As a parent, you have several options for early childhood education centers, so it’s helpful to know which ones are top-rated and can provide your child with the learning support they need. When you’re looking for a child care center for your little one, it’s important to consider the quality of the education they’ll receive, the values that the program focuses on, and your child’s unique needs and skills. 

Valparaiso, Indiana, has a rich history and is a vibrant and diverse community with a variety of early childhood education options. Access to a safe, positive, and enriching program can have a long-lasting impact on your child and foster a love of learning when they’re young. Here are our recommendations for the five best preschools and child care centers in Valparaiso. 

Valparaiso Christian Academy

At Valparaiso Christian Academy, your student will have access to a variety of engaging learning activities that help them develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. The learning materials also include spiritual influences, with the program centered on providing children with Christian education and values. 

This is a great program for helping your child develop their gross and fine motor skills, as it encourages them to explore language development, math, arts and crafts, and other skills they’ll need when they begin kindergarten. Located in Faith Lutheran Church, Valparaiso Christian Academy is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a faith-based preschool that encourages a holistic approach to children’s learning and development. 

Little U Academy

Little U Academy is a child care center for your kids from infancy until they enter kindergarten, helping them develop their social and fine motor skills in a stimulating environment with access to outdoor recreation spaces, a variety of toys, age-appropriate books, and other learning materials. Here, your child can engage in activities of their choice that support their learning, including free play and messy exploitation, reading and writing, arts and crafts, science, and dramatic play. 

Their preschool education curriculum is based on core principles provided by the Indiana Department of Education, so you can feel confident in the education your little one will receive. The caretakers and teachers at this facility believe in the impact of a positive preschool experience and prioritize helping students become eager and engaged learners. At Little U Academy, your child can learn at their own pace in a friendly and safe environment that encourages their unique talents and allows them to form social bonds with other kids their age. 

Geminus Head Start 

Geminus Head Start is a public prekindergarten primarily for students from low-income areas and students with special needs, providing them with the education, developmental tools, and skills they need before attending a kindergarten program. Here, the staff is passionate about considering each child’s unique talents and capabilities to help them flourish. The personalized curriculum allows your child to receive an education that’s focused on their developmental strengths and abilities, interests, and learning styles, so they can feel confident as they develop their self-help and socialization skills. 

They also focus on honoring the diversity of their students so everyone feels supported and empowered as they learn. With regular outdoor play opportunities and a variety of field trips, your child will have access to enriching learning experiences and the opportunity to create friendships and bond with their peers. 

Growing Kids Learning Center

Growing Kids Learning Center accepts children ages six weeks old through the beginning of kindergarten and provides age-appropriate tools and learning materials for every developmental stage. They use a structured educational curriculum to encourage emotional, cognitive, physical, and social growth to promote development and an engaging learning environment. With custom-designed, state-of-the-art centers prioritizing safety and early childhood education, your children can take part in hands-on experiences that allow them to develop their skills and encourage their interests. 

The Growing Kids Learning Center features a unique area they call “Main Street” where students can participate in dramatic play by participating in a child-sized rendition of a mini-town, allowing them to learn about real-life activities at daycare. They also use a system called LifeCubby, which is a safe and secure digital platform for caretakers and teachers to send photos and updates about your kids throughout the day so you can feel confident about their care and well-being. 

Guidepost Montessori Virtual School

If you’re looking for a preschool that offers remote learning for your little one, consider Guidepost Montessori Virtual School. It offers students in Valparaiso the opportunity to attend preschool from home. This private school provides students with daily online instruction provided by Montessori guides. You can also get involved in your child’s learning, as the program encourages parent participation. This program includes online learning and offline materials tailored to your child’s unique interests, needs, and skills. 

They’ll have access to subjects, including history, science, literature, culture, art, and geography. Since physical activity is an important aspect of childhood development, Guidepost Montessori Virtual School also includes activities like yoga, drama, and dance, so children have the opportunity to explore their interests. In addition to coursework and activities, tuition covers a variety of parent-support resources, like virtual Parent and Me classes and a home learning setup consultation. 

At Golden Tech, we know how important it is to find a learning and care facility that you trust to provide your child with early childhood education. The social, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills they acquire in preschool can help them succeed throughout their life, and child care centers can give them the experiences and learning opportunities they need to thrive in school. 

If you notice that our list is missing one of the strongest early childhood education programs in Valparaiso, Indiana, feel free to contact us — we’ll be more than happy to update our recommendations so other families can benefit from these programs as well. 


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