Shut Down Survival – 4 Interactive Team Games to Play Remotely

Shut Down Survival – 4 Interactive Team Games to Play Remotely

With social distancing, self-isolation, and 30-day stay-at-home orders in place its easy to find yourself idle … very, very idle. The good news: We live in a technologically savvy world, there’s plenty you can do to stay connected with friends and family. This includes having a game night!

Here are some family-friendly, multiplayer games that can be played from different, remote locations.  These are inexpensive (or free), and interactive, allowing you to stay connected while adhering to the CDC guidelines!  All you need are smartphones to access and play these games interactively.

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Cheers to not missing that Friday night game night – no matter how long the quarantine lasts!

JackBox Games – ($5 - $20)

These games range from 1 to 8 players and allow others to watch as audience members so you can exceed the current crowd size limitations virtually!

Escape Team (FREE -1st Mission)

Escape Team is a print-and-play, interactive pen-and-paper escape game: players collaboratively solve puzzles through logical and creative thinking, as well as by cutting, folding and drawing on real paper. Entering their solutions in the Escape Team app, players unfold a thrilling audio narrative while racing against a ticking countdown.  2-4 players, and you will need a printer to print out the PDF documents before playing.  The first mission is FREE to play.

Psych! (FREE)

Choose from a variety of fun categories in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Can you choose the outrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get points for guessing the right answer, and for each other player you PSYCH! into choosing yours.

Spaceteam (FREE)

Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for 2 to 8 players who shout technobabble at each other until their ship explodes. Each player needs a mobile device (Android and Apple devices can play together over Wifi!).  You'll be assigned a random control panel with buttons, switches, sliders, and dials. You need to follow time-sensitive instructions. However, the instructions are being sent to your teammates, so you have to coordinate before the time runs out. Also, the ship is falling apart. And you're trying to outrun an exploding star.