Utilizing a Remote Workforce? How Are You Protecting Your Computers and Networks Outside of Your Office?

Let’s talk about Computer and Network Privacy. Do you know if your computers and networks are strongly defended? Do you have a Firewall, AntiVirus, and AntiSpam? Do you know what tools your business uses for these? Do you know if they routinely updated, maintained, and tested for quality?

If the answer is no or you’re not sure because an internal I.T. person or outsourced I.T. Guy or I.T. Support company manages it for you, let us help you answer these questions. It’s imperative as a business owner that you understand the value that you’re receiving from a provider you’re trusting with the keys to your business and customer data. You want to ensure that your computers and networks are not only protected inside the four walls of your office building but outside to your remote workforce as well. If you cannot answer the above questions, how are you certain that your I.T. provider is proving their value that you’re paying to them?

If you’re not familiar, a firewall helps secure and monitor traffic in and out of your network, separating and protecting your internal network from the outside world. Do you know whether your Firewall licensing and software is up to date, that you’re using all features available? Do you know who has access THROUGH your firewall and TO your internal network – are you protected?

AntiVirus is software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. The best way to keep viruses out of your computer is by using AntiSpam. AntiSpam manages and filters unsafe emails from malicious senders. AntiVirus software is only as good as the most recent definitions so regular maintenance is required.

Firewall, Antivirus, and AntiSpam are designed to keep your computers and networks safe, but not the end-all solution to ensuring your computer and network privacy. Technology has enabled our workforce to be more remote and work at all hours of the day which is great for profits but it also opens loopholes for hackers. Are you 100% sure that employees are able to access your network remotely and safely outside of your four walls? Do you know who else has access to your network?

If you’re paying an internal I.T. person to manage your I.T., that’s great and we’re happy to work with them to ensure your networks are protected. If you’re paying someone hourly to manage your I.T. and Cybersecurity, we recommend you take a hard look at the value being provided and determine if you truly can trust your I.T. provider to keep your business safe. Their services and how they’re caring for your technology and people should be transparent.

If no or you’re unsure to any of these questions, reach out to The Purple Guys for a consultation and get a Free Cybersecurity Assessment for your business today!

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