5 Ways To Better Passwords and Safer Accounts

5 Ways To Better Passwords and Safer Accounts

If your information or credentials have been hacked and you use the same password for multiple personal and business accounts, you and your small business are at high risk for a security breach. Don't worry, here's our EASY 5 Step Plan to Better, Safer Passwords which also means a safer business with less risk for cybersecurity threats.

1. Set aside 10 minutes. Look, business owners are busy, I know but everyone is busy. Is that what you're going to say when your business is hacked though - that you were too busy to change your passwords? Every day, we get calls from multiple business owners that their business data has been compromised. The easiest way to prevent this is in the following steps. If you have 10 minutes, it's worth saving your business thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to a security breach.

2. Download a Password Storage Tool. Go to http://bit.ly/passwordstorage and download one of these recommended safe and FREE password storage apps.

3. Download the browser extension for this app. This will make it easy when you log in to all of your accounts - you won't have to open the app every single time you forget one of your unique passwords. This is not obligatory but it does save you time from manually entering your login credentials and sites into your password storage manager.

4. Change ALL passwords. Login to all of your important business accounts to change all of your passwords. Make sure each password is unique, complex, and random. Save them in your safe password storage app you just downloaded to your browser or manually enter them in if you forego that step. A great example of a random and complex password is: 'Zinc.Umbrella!Sides'.

Use random words and symbols that are unique and a hacker could not easily guess. Never use your address, birth date, name, or anything that could be looked up on a public or social media site. If you've had an account breached in the past, retire that password, it's likely for sale on the dark web.

5. REPEAT EVERY 60-90 DAYS for Optimal Security. It's important to implement a regular password update policy to your employees as well. First, you have to convince your executive leadership team to get on board with safeguarding your business by closing up potential risks for leaking sensitive information that could expose your business. That means requiring all employees to change their passwords on a regular basis.

BONUS TIP: Get a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment for your business to find out if you or any of your employees have any compromised passwords now. We'll also get you set up for Cybersecurity awareness training for your employees when you sign up for our all-inclusive, unlimited I.T. Support service plans.

Safeguard your business with I.T. Support and better Cybersecurity today.