When Your IT Goes Down, How Long Does It Take to Get Your Productivity Back Up?

When Your IT Goes Down, How Long Does It Take to Get Your Productivity Back Up?

Information technology is a sophisticated, multifaceted tool that touches every aspect of your business and requires regular maintenance to keep operating at full capacity.

I.T. problems can be small inconveniences like a printing issue or a full-blown catastrophe like a companywide data breach that interrupts your entire functionality, including client services. Fortunately, when you invest in your technology, your business runs more smoothly and rebounds more quickly.

A good I.T. staff is there for your company no matter what. Whether your employees can’t figure out how to reach a printer wirelessly or you need the latest in network security to protect sensitive data from hackers, this team can step in and answer any and all questions.

Printing, for instance, might seem like a small hiccup, but you’d be surprised how much time employees can lose trying to figure it out. Slow PCs can be another drain on employee productivity. For the past 17 years, our three most common service calls have been about printing problems, poor PC performance, and login errors. These issues aren’t going away anytime soon, but a good I.T. staff will identify them quickly and address them efficiently. If problems aren’t dealt with in a timely fashion, employees will become frustrated.

Forcing non-I.T. staff to deal with technology on their own has another consequence: It tells employees that you don’t value what they bring to the company. If you did, you’d equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Imagine giving your mobile sales force old flip phones and expecting them to reach their goals. Sending them out into the world without I.T. support amounts to the same thing, leaving them underequipped and unproductive.

An I.T. support team also protects your network and staff from data hackers. A ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta brought life there to a screeching halt: The courts couldn’t function, residents couldn’t pay bills, and the city couldn’t provide the services necessary for daily life. What if the city were a business and the residents were customers? My money would be on them taking their business elsewhere.

Not investing in I.T. support might feel like saving money, but it costs more in the long run and exposes you to tremendous risk. For many startups and small businesses, the one or two most tech-savvy employees tend to become the company’s de facto help desk. These unfortunate individuals aren’t professionals, yet they’re saddled with what amounts to a second job. What happens to the jobs they’ve been hired to do? And what happens when issues arise that they don’t know how to solve?

When it comes to managing network security and data backups, that’s not a chance you should take. There’s far too much potential for things to go wrong.

If your goal is to maximize employee productivity (and whose isn’t?), having knowledgeable and responsive I.T. support makes all the difference. When turning it off and back on again doesn’t work, your employees will have access to support to fix the problem, ensuring that vital business functions remain up and running.

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