IT Horror Stories – “I Quit” featuring a Professional Services Firm and the Internal IT Person

IT Horror Stories – “I Quit” featuring a Professional Services Firm and the Internal IT Person

Imagine that you are the managing partner at a professional services firm with fifty productive employees, hundreds of clients who love you, and one I.T. guy supporting your entire technology environment. This I.T. person has been a part of the team for ten years. He is the trusted colleague to go to when you’re having printer issues, you don't remember your credentials, your computer isn’t working quickly enough, or you can't find a document you are sure you saved.

He's also the person to handle backups, anti-virus and antispam, ensuring you have a strong cybersecurity strategy in place, implementing cybersecurity awareness training, setting up and ensuring password policies are followed, and restoring your systems when someone clicks on a phishing email and gets a ransomware virus. The list of responsibilities and weight on this one I.T. professional's shoulders goes on. Keep in mind this I.T. person also has remote access capabilities and controls the entire network including all of your confidential business information and customer data.

On a random Monday, this single I.T. guy suddenly walks in with a big surprise. He lets you know he got an offer he can’t refuse and he’s giving you only two weeks to find someone else to take over. You try to negotiate for him to stay but your efforts are unsuccessful.

Finding the right fit for your culture along with the time and money exhausted in the hiring and recruiting process is always a challenge to business owners. Someone who has been with your company for ten years and bears a lot of responsibility and leaves suddenly and unexpectedly can result in a big hit to productivity and morale. Let alone, the person that’s expected to keep technology up and running for fifty people and your customers’ data secured.

This was the situation at one of our new clients recently. They had grown from a two-person company to a fifty-person firm with had the same I.T. guy for all ten of those years of amazing growth. He was dependable and a good communicator (not a common combination in I.T. professionals) so you can understand his value to this company and roots that had grown with him.

We delightfully met this professional services firm at a small business event the week prior and “everything was great”, no need to talk about a third party helping out with I.T. support. They were all set with their I.T. guy and we were happy to hear their needs were being taken care of.

This company’s decision makers had never thought about the “single point of failure” in both support and knowledge that existed with their solo I.T. guy until that Monday. Suddenly they realized that they had no control over a critical part of their business. They discovered they did not have good documentation, passwords, or really any idea what their previous I.T. guy actually did all day.

How were they going to transfer ten years of institutional knowledge, the passwords, systems, backups and processed in two weeks?  They did not know where to start and they realized they needed help.

They remembered The Purple Guys and gave us a call for I.T. Consulting Support. We spoke the next day (Tuesday) after their I.T. guy had given them his notice, got a transition agreement in place, and started the knowledge transfer and documentation by Wednesday.  By the end of the second week, we had the passwords, system documentation, vendor agreements and backups running.

This Purple Guys I.T. Support customer now has all of the documentation at their fingertips whenever they need it.  They now have a fifty-person (and growing)  I.T. Support firm providing support for their fifty-person company (also growing) and no longer a single point of failure with one internal I.T. person they had no idea how to measure and prove value for. As a customer service focused company, we appropriately and diligently measure our efforts to be able to show and ensure our value for your best ROI on your technology and I.T. Support services.

Many business owners, just like our new customer share have shared that they aren't confident in the outsourcing process or know where to start to understand the differences when considering outsourcing their I.T.. Sometimes, it can be the same or even less of a cost to outsource to an entire company full of resources, top-tools, and systems rather than hiring a single internal I.T. person that goes home every evening, has sick days, vacation, a single-thinking brain, and at some point, other competitive opportunities.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your I.T., check out our recent article, Need Better I.T. Support? Try Outsourcing, to learn more. Want to speak to someone right away? Contact our friendly team for insights and I.T. Consulting today.