IT Horror Stories – The Hacked Financial Services Server

IT Horror Stories – The Hacked Financial Services Server

What would you do if you were running a financial services firm and discovered that one of your employees had clicked on an innocent looking email that turned out to be malicious (also known as email phishing) and now your cloud servers, and potentially all of your client-related information was exposed and potentially encrypted by an unknown hacker?  Sound like a nightmare scenario?  Well, that was the state for one local company until we were able to step in to help.

Pre-Purple Guys IT Support, this financial services firm was using a local cloud provider who was running their data and systems in their cloud. They had a firewall, antivirus, and backups running. Most small to mid-sized business owners we talk to are unaware of the state of their IT and think if they have all three, they're protected and safe.

If you’ve been around technology for any length of time or read the news, you should know there is no perfect security. Even big businesses like Facebook, Equifax, and Target that should all have the most robust security strategies in place are still being targeted and breached.

The solution to the no-business-is-considered-safe security issue is to have many layers and many points of backup as well as training for your team members to prevent a breach.

When this financial services firm discovered the breach, they tried restoring from backup, but their then current local IT provider did not have all of the data or all the tools needed for a full recovery. They struggled for weeks to fight the issues and get back to a normal flow of business but kept running into missing files or corrupted data. Not only did they experience the hefty cost of ongoing unexpected hourly billing invoices from the IT vendor, but additional downtime and frustration.

When they reached out to The Purple Guys IT Support, they were fortunately still in business but suffering the cost of downtime spent fighting IT fires all day, each business day. They were exhausting their efforts to stay ahead of what appeared to be a never-ending cycle of restorations and infections.

Fortunately, not all was lost. our onsite and remote IT Support teams were able to step in immediately take complete backups of their cloud environment. Our recovery and defense team took those backups off-line, scrubbed the data and the systems thoroughly. We then staged them in a new cloud environment and let them test the environment.  After the final test, we made a copy of the most recent data, moved it to the new cloud and cut over to the new environment on a weekend when their business could be left undisturbed and cause them minimal downtime. It was a success and their systems have been running smoothly ever since.

Our customer now has a new, more robust firewall, a complete backupan additional layer of monitoring, and has initiated employee cybersecurity awareness training conducted on a regular basis. Once you have a plan for better cybersecurity in place, it is easier to implement training for your employees and The Purple Guys IT Support teams are here to help with that. It makes everyone’s life easier and more protected against security threats.

This is not a guarantee that another breach won’t happen. However, with this customer’s the new IT systems and strategies in place, we’re confident our customer will survive any attack by immediately being aware of the breach through our monitoring tools and given the chance to implement changes quickly to avoid another IT horror story.

Questions or have a similar problem with your IT? Give us a call! With remote support globally and onsite teams in Kansas City and St. Louis, we're happy to discuss how we can help or provide recommendations so you can get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.