Giving…in purple!

How about purple social responsibility? Purple is a color that gives back! Just ask the Purple Guys, who have infused charitable giving in their workplace giving and at home.

Gracie Schram, daughter of Purple Guys owners Jon and Jill Schram is giving back through music to help others. Gracie's song writing and singing helps raise money for kids in Africa who are taking care of their younger brothers and sisters because their parents have died.

Gracie records her songs onto CDs and sells them to raise money for the kids in Africa. Gracie donates 100% of the profits from her CD sales. Now that's social responsibility...Corporate social responsibility, personal social responsibility, and PURPLE social responsibility. Giving in action!

Charitable giving comes in all shapes and sizes, whether a gift to charity is $25, $25,000 or $25 million. And now charitable giving comes in a rainbow of colors that give back, thanks to creative use of the custom Giving Card. A handful of very savvy corporate giving programs are catching on to the gift of giving, a fun, rewarding, and meaningful--not to mention easy and inexpensive--way to celebrate corporate social responsibility and personal social responsibility.

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