Are Your Calendars On Your iPhone?

The iPhone has quickly become one of the most popular smartphones on the market. When Apple launches a new version, fans line up for blocks to get their hands on it. What makes it so desirable? Well it’s easy to use and has powerful apps that users have come to rely on. Some would say the iPhone has even gone so far as to replace desktop calendars for many people.

The three most popular calendar programs are Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and iCal. Here are the steps you can take to sync your different calendars with the iPhone. These calendars will all be viewable using the Calendar App on your iPhone.

Sync with Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email program in use, making the accompanying calendar just as prevalent. To sync your Outlook calendar with your iPhone:

  1. Open Outlook
    1. Click Tools and select Trust Centre.
    2. Click Add-ins, followed by Details.
    3. Select iTunes Add-in, followed by Manage.
    4. Select Com Add-ins, Go and finally iTunes sync add-in.
    5. Click Ok.
  2. Plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB cable. iTunes should open automatically.
  3. In iTunes, select your iPhone. It will be located in the left hand bar, under devices.
  4. Navigate to the Info tab and check Sync calendars with.
  5. Choose Outlook. You’ll be able to select which Outlook calendars you want to view using your iPhone.
  6. Press Sync.

Sync with Google Calendar
If you use Google Calendar, syncing with the iPhone takes a few more steps, but it’s still fairly straightforward.

  1. On your iPhone select Settings followed by Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Press Add Account.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange. Note: Devices running iOS 4.0 can sync with more than one Exchange account. If you’re using a version that’s earlier than 4.0 you’ll only be able to sync with one Exchange account.
  4. In the Email and Username fields, enter your full email address e.g., If you use a account you’ll most likely get an Unable to Verify Certificate error message. If you do, press Cancel when the error message is displayed.
  5. In the Password field enter the password you use to log into your Gmail account.
  6. When you have entered the information, press Next in the top right of your screen.
  7. In the Server field enter “” (without the quotations).
  8. Tap Next.
  9. Select Calendar if you only want to sync with your calendar. If your company uses Google Calendar to setup meetings, you’ll also need to turn on Mail.

The calendar should sync automatically and show up on your iPhone within a few minutes.

Sync with iCal
If you use iCal you can sync with your iPhone by:

  1. Plugging your iPhone into the computer using the USB cable. iTunes should open automatically.
  2. Select your iPhone. It will be located in the left hand bar, under devices.
  3. Click the Info tab, followed by Sync iCal Calendars. You’ll be able to choose what calendars you would like your iPhone to sync with.
  4. Press Sync.

No matter which calendar app you use, you can view it on your iPhone. There’s no need to carry around a day planner or appointment book with you anymore, just carry your phone. If you would like to know more about how to capitalize on the features of the iPhone we’re only a call away.

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